Project Title




Project leader

Quinoa varietal selection and production development for suitable ecological areas in Vietnam




Nguyễn Việt Long – Faculty of Agronomy

Overall objective

To select and develop Quinoa varieties for suitable ecological areas in Vietnam contributing to the restructuring of crops in the context of climate change

Specific objectives

1) Select 2-3 lines for pilot testing;

2) Select a variety that is qualified for for trial production with a yield of 2.0 tons / ha, a protein content of 15-21%; drought tolerance (maximum soil moisture level of 40-50%) or maximum salinity tolerance (80-120 mM NaCl equivalent to 4-6 o / oo);

3) Develop a process of cultivating quinoa/ ecological zones (study 3 ecological zones);

4) Establish 01 model ecological/ /area (studying 3 ecological zones), with a minimum area of ​​3 ha/area, yield of 2 tons/ha in appropriate ecological zones;

5) Train 3 masters,

6) Publish 3 scientific papers (2 domestic articles, 1 Scopus/ISI article).