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Project leader

REDD+, the forest grab of All times, DFC No.13-08KU

DANIDA Danmark



Prof. Trần Đức Viên, CARES
ĐT: 04 62617686

Objective: The theoretical and conceptual framework was clarified primarily with respect to the understanding and use of terms such as property rights, customary rights, access rights, etc.


1) 6 Phd students graduated (2 from VNUA)

2) 2 workshop (an international REDD+ seminar and a final project workshop) conducted

3) 10 co-authored publications in international journals

4) 15 co-authored presentations of papers at international and regional conferences and workshops.

5) 1 academic book published on REDD+ social safeguards, governance and participatory monitoring.

6) 2 policy Briefs distributed at COP meetings, REDD+ policy meetings, and to UN REDD and FCPF working groups at national (ministerial) level

7) Policy briefs in Vietnamese for distribution at national level

8) Returns of results to communities