The Advanced Training Program on Agricultural Economics is to train students to have good health, personality, and high competence in the Science of Agricultural Economics. The program provides students with a comprehensive knowledge in agricultural economics and skills which help them develop strong problem solving and analytical skills and explore topics related to agricultural and rural economic policy, international trade and market, marketing, agricultural production, and other current challenging issues in agriculture.

As a student of this program, you will additionally possess competent skills such as team working, leadership, communication, and presentation. Moreover, most of the courses are taken in English, thus students can improve their English proficiency and access easily to a wide range of international knowledge.

Bachelors of Agricultural Economics have high opportunity to be employed and highly expected to work well with various agencies in agribusiness, marketing, and commodity trading, consultation (domestic and international), public policy analysis and policy making, economic journalism and economic research.

Total credits: 153.

Required credits: 141.

Elective credits: 12.

Detailed training program

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