The Advanced Training Program on Biotechnology offers a series of intensive and laboratory-based courses which enable graduate students to master a comprehensive knowledge and skills in the field of biotechnology such as general biology, modern biotechnology with focus on recombinant-DNA technology, biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, human and animal biology, immunology, virology, microbial technology, etc and their associated laboratory techniques. Theories and fundamental practical applications in the program will help graduates being qualified for requirements of employers. It is worthy noted that 62 out of 66 subjects are delivered in English. Thus, students must pass an English test in addition to the required university entrance examination.  

In general, graduates will

-  Master the basic laboratory techniques in biotechnology;

- Be capable of reading reference materials, generalize and scale up professional knowledge and develop the professional capacity;

-  Be able to creatively apply knowledge in research and practice;

-  Communicate proficiently in English, especially have good skills of reading, writing, and oral presentation;

-  Have skills to organize the work, manage people and time;

-  Be able to work independently and easily accommodate with team working.

Total credits: 156

Required credits: 142 (including 10 credits for thesis).

Elective credits: 14.

Detailed training program

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