Dual Degree Program between Chungnam National University and 

Vietnam National University of Agriculture on Crop Science and Animal Science

Program is that the host university will grant its bachelor degree to the eligible students of the home university upon the successful completion of the program. In the first two or three (2 or 3) years of study, the students of each university will study at their home university with its faculty/college, and at least one (1) year of study, the students will come to the campus of the host university to fulfill their bachelor’s degree requirements.

1. Major

-  Crop science – Faculty of Agronomy

Animal Science – Faculty of Animal Science

2. Eligibility and Requirements

Students being in good academic are eligible to benefit from the dual degree program

Students nominated by the home university should be able to produce evidence of a minimum TOEFL score of 530 on the paper based test or a minimum of 197 on the Computer based or minimum of 71 on the Internet based test or equivalence of English score (i.e., TOPIK of grade 4, TOEIC score of 650, TEPS score of 600, IELTS score of 5.5).

Student will be required to meet the minimum credit hour standard of the host university in order to maintain status as full time students. Students must complete all requirements from the host university such as prerequisite requirements, General education, Core requirements and Major requirements in order to receive the dual degree from the host university. To fulfill these requirements, the duration of the program depends on the regulation of host-university.

3. Offers of admission for CALS-CNU is in the Fall semester and it will be made by April 1, and for the Spring semester, December 1. While, offers of admission for VNUA is in the Spring semester (1 November) and Fall semester (1 June).

4. Both universities will exempt 50% in total of tuition fee for students who participate in the dual degree program.

5. Students will also be responsible for the payment of their own round trip transportation between Universities, for the payment of their own room and board costs at the host university, and for any additional normal expenses at the host university while they study at the host university.

6. Students will be required to continue their participation in the Student Health Insurance Program at home university and are required to participate in the same Student Health Insurance Program while in residence at host university.  In either case, students will be responsible for the premium of required insurance program.

7. While participating in the program, students will be subjected to the academic rules and discipline of the host university as well as to the normal regulations and grading policies of the host university. The courses to be pursued by the student will be determined by the Academic Advisor of department/study program where the course is offered in cooperation with the corresponding administrative official of the home university.

8. Requirement documents


Motivation letter

2 recommendation letters

Certificate of English proficiency

9. Contact information

International Cooperation Office (email: htqt@vnua.edu.vn, tel: 024 62617 692)



Vietnam National
University of Agriculture


Address: Trau Quy - Gia Lam - Ha Noi
ĐT: (+84) 024.6261.7543 or (+84) 024 6261.7549 - Fax: (+84) 024 6261.7586  htqt@vnua.edu.vn