Personnel Management Office is a functional unit under Vietnam National University of Agriculture whose functions include advising and assisting the University president in managing, synthesizing and proposing recommendations, organizing the personnel in accordance with the legal laws and regulations of the University.

Tasks and rights

1. Propose plans for planning, building and consolidating the organizational structure, functions and tasks of units and the relationship among units of the University; provide advices on employment positions throughout the University.

2. Prepare and submit documents on personnel management to the president of the University .

3. Make recruitment plans and allocate vacancies to units and organize recruitment.

4. Take responsibility for coordinating with units in planning, training and capacity building for staff.

5. Provide consultancy to the president of the University in issuing decisions to appoint management positions under its authority.

6. Organize committees of the emulation, rewarding, disciplining, promotion of professional titles, considering salary increase, allowances ... and staff evaluation annually.

7. Take charge of doing procedures for appointing staff to attend training, conferences and seminars at home and abroad.

8. Preside over the dissemination and implementation of policies and regulations for staff; consider proposal to extend the working time for staff who reach retirement age in accordance with regulations.

9. Guide and check all the units of the university on their personnel organization, emulation and commendation activities, and ensure benefits for staff.

10. Coordinate with relevant units to distribute rational revenue sources to staff in accordance with the University regulations, make payment for overtime working to staff.

11. Manage staff profiles.

12. Combine with relevant units in internal political protection.

13. Sign a labour contract as authorized by the president of the University.

 14. Act as a contact person with relevant agencies and organizations according to their assigned functions and tasks.

 15. Fully take responsibility for its own personnel management.

 16. Manage and use effectively assets in accordance with laws and regulations of the University .

17. Perform other duties assigned by the president of the University.

Office Management Board






Assoc. Dr. Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy



MSc. Nguyen Thi Cuc

Deputy Director


MSc. Le Ngoc Tu

Deputy Director

Contact information

Personnel Management Office

Second floor, Administration Building, VNUA

Tel: 02462617600; 02462617610