On the evening of August 26, 2019, Culture Night 2019 was successfully held at Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA) with the participation of nearly 200 international students from 10 Japan, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Czech Republic, Angola, Mozambique, Germany, the Netherlands, South Korea and a large number of VNUA students.


Toàn cảnh đêm giao lưu


Attending the program were Mr. Op Sophy, Counselor, Embassy of Cambodia in Hanoi; Mr. Jorg Kinnen, Head of Cultural Department, Embassy of Germany in Hanoi; Mr. Abel Paxe, First Secretary, Embassy of Angola in Hanoi; Mr. Sok Rithy, First Secretary, Embassy of Cambodia in Hanoi; Mr. Tito Lidimba, Second secretary, Embassy of Mozambique in Hanoi; Ms. Vilayvone Bouatongmoua, Third Secretary, Embassy of Laos in Hanoi.

On the side of VNUA, there were Prof. Dr. Pham Van Cuong, Vice President, leaders of faculties, departments and functional offices, affiliate organizations, staff and students of the university.



Prof. Dr. Pham Van Cuong, VNUA Vice President expressed his joy and excitement when addressing his opening speech at the event.

During 63 years of development, besides training and scientific research, VNUA has always focused on promoting international cooperation, which enhances the attraction of international students. Training and research is one of the priority strategies. To realize this strategy, the university has been creating a favorable learning environment as well as promoting cultural exchanges to help international students quickly integrate into Vietnam's cultural and educational environment.

Each year, VNUA receives hundreds of international students from Lao, Cambodia, Mozambique, Angola, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, the United States, France, Thailand, Czech Republic, etc. Through exchange programs students have many opportunities to exchange, share their cultures, professional knowledge, skills as well as experiences to feel the beauty, the people, and the development of education, science and technology of various countries around the world.



A Japanese student, representing international students presents flowers to Prof. Dr. Cuong

The Culture Night 2019 saw performances with the very typical cultural colors of some countries. The participants were immersed in a vibrant "music party", excited with songs and dances that both imbued with national identity, and brought modern trends of the younger generation. 



“Hello Việt Nam” by Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Ánh – Guitar Club – VNUA Student Association, as a warm welcome to international students 

Dancing “Soran Bushi” by Japanese students 

 “Cò lả” by students from Cao Ba Quat High School 

Indonesian students bring to the night a traditional dance “Ondel-ondel”

 “Sa Bai Đee Muong Laos” traditional dance by Lao’s students

Greetings in Japanese by students who are studying Japanese for internship program at Japan - VNUA Center for Manpower Supply 

“Bèo dạt mây trôi” by VNUA students

Korean students with a traditional and K-Pop modern combination in a dance 

 “Czech it out” by Czech students

 “Waka Waka” by Angolan students

All participants happily joined in the bustling stall dance imbued with traditional culture of the Northern mountainous ethnic groups of Vietnam.


With the encouragement of VNUA students, the enthusiasm of youth and national pride, all participating students brought a unique night of exchange in a joyful atmosphere with happiness, solidarity will certainly become an unforgettable impression for the attendees. The Culture Night 2019 has become a bridge to connect students from other countries, which is the premise for the development of international networks in the near future.


Singing together “We are the world” 

All international students with organizing committee