After a visit to Vietnam National University of Agriculture by Katsutoshi Kobayashi, Nagasaki Provincial Council Member on June 5, 2018, Nakamura Houdou, the Governor of Nagasaki Province of Japan, has sent an invitation to Vietnam National University of Agriculture to invite VNUA delegates to visit and to work with Nagasaki Province. 

Upon his invitation, a delegation of the University led by Professor Tran Duc Vien, chairman of the University Board of Trustees, together with Dr. Vu Ngoc Huyen, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Director of the Center for Manpower Supply and Mr. Ma Quang Trung, director of the Department of Cooperative Economics and Rural Development under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development along with other academic staff an official working visit in Japan from July 17th, 2018 to July 20th, 2018, with a purpose of discussing the plan for the potential cooperation between the two sides especially in receiving interns and agricultural engineers from VNUA.


Nagasaki is located in the western part of Kyushu island - the southernmost island of Japan's four major islands. In terms of economics, GDP of Nagasaki was 4.3201 trillion yen, of which manufacturing, construction, ability to supply electricity, water, gas, sales, financial insurance, real estate, services, and transportation and telecommunications accounted for 14.4%, 5.3%, 3.0%, 11.1%, 4.0%, 12.2%, 24.5%, 6.6% respectively. Nagasaki is famous for its seafood and agricultural products such as fruits (oranges, and strawberries), beef, noodles, fish, and shochu. Traditional crafts such as ceramics are also famous. This place will definitely be an ideal place to work in Japan for those who have passion and love for agriculture. 

In particular, Nagasaki has a close relationship with Vietnam as well as with Vietnam National University of Agriculture. Prior to that, the delegation of Nagasaki Province has had two visits to the University in May 2017 and most recently in early June.

On the first working day, two sides exchanged various important contents, but emphasised the issue of training high quality human resources for agricultural production. A representive from the Nagasaki Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development on his remark highlighted the trend of future agricultural development in the province. According to him, the development is troubling in human resources in the context that the population of Nagasaki in the next 30 years will fall below 1 million people. Therefore, finding solutions for foreign manpower for agricultural production in the province is extremely urgent. Currently, Nagasaki Province has more than 1500 technical interns, including 300 in agriculture, and more than 50% of them is from Vietnam. As a result, Nagasaki Province hopes to further strengthen its cooperation with Vietnam National University of Agriculture on the exchange of students to study and work in Japan in the near future. At the same time, Nagasaki Province hopes the university will serve as a focal point in Vietnam for the provision of high quality human resources in the field of agriculture as well as other important areas of relevance. In particular, the Nagasaki province has an open policy on agricultural specialties, giving opportunities for Vietnamese agricultural interns to return to Japan to continue their work. The Nagasaki Provincial Government has established housing estates for interns with adequate facilities, spacious spaces and arranged transportation for them during their study and daily work. 

The delegation also visited the Shimabara Peninsula and the Isahaya Basin, the reclamation of land for agriculture. 

During the visit, the delegation was very honoured to be warmly welcomed by the Governor Nakamura Houdou on the evening of July 19. Through the meeting, the Governor introduced the traditional and intimate relationship between Nagasaki Province and Vietnam, and expressed his deep interest in developing cooperation between the province and Vietnam National University of Agriculture as well as the Center for Manpower Supply in particular.

Prof. Dr. Tran Duc Vien expressed his sincere thanks and wish the Governor and leaders of the province to create conditions for promoting the cooperation between two parties more developed and sustainable.



The visit has been successful, opening many opportunities for cooperation between Vietnam National University of Agriculture and Nagasaki province in the future.