1.   Introduction

Center for Testing and Quality Assurance was established on February 12th 2007 with Decision No. 377/QĐ-NN1 by the Rector of Hanoi University of Agriculture. Its mandate and function were to consult the Rector and responsible for deployment and management of testing and quality assurance for higher education. According to Decision No. 1424/QD-NNH on October 6th, 2009, the center was renamed as Department of Testing and Quality Assurance and administrated under 2-levels of University and Department.
On 14th May 2012 the Rector issued Decision No. 248/QD-NNH to establish Department of Inspection, Testing and Quality Assurance on the basis of merging Department of Educational Inspection and Department of Testing and Quality Assurance Facing with the increasing requirements of the educational integration and high quality human resources for the country, and in order to enhance achievement of educational quality the university has persistently pursued for nearly 60 years, establishment of a specialized department to advise and implement quality assurance is necessary and important. Therefore, on November 20th, 2013 the Rector issued Decision No. 2449/QD-NNH to establish the Center for Quality Assurance.

Mission of Center for Quality Assurance is to pursue a strong and leading Center in excellent quality culture development, which contributes to increasing national and international reputation of Vietnam National University of Agriculture

- Develop human resources capable of implementing quality assurance activities; 
- Develop quality culture at university for all staff and students.

Center for Quality Assurance (Hereinafter referred to as “Center”) belongs to Vietnam National University of Agriculture (Hereinafter referred to as “University”). The mandate of Center is to consult and assist the university president in: 

· Management, proposal and implementing quality assurance of higher education by planning and deployment quality assurance;

· University’s self- assessment to improve quality of education and other activities; 

· Registration for educational program accreditation;

· Maintenance and development of conditions and management system for quality assurance

· Report results of quality assessment as prescribed.


Duties and authorities
1. To develop and submit regulations, documents and implementation plan of quality assurance for the university president’s approval; 
2. To guide and monitor implementation of regulations and policies on quality assurance of departments and staff at the university;
3. To report on educational quality assurance as required by the university and competent authorities; 
4. To implement self-assessment at program and institutional levels regularly and periodically; To implement self-assessment; To proposal and monitor implementation of measures for educational quality improvement at the university.
5. To consult and implement educational quality assurance measures: organizing quality assurance and management systems of the university; developing tools, combining and selecting methods to obtain stakeholders’ feedback; assessing teaching quality and services; 
6. To implement and register the university for regional and world university ranking systems; to develop and publish database suitable with ranking indicators. 
7. To monitor and evaluate the implementation of quality assurance of departments and staff at the university; To be a focal point of information and to coordinate activities on educational quality assurance;
8. To corporate with organizations of educational quality assurance, and to share information and exchange experience in education quality assurance; To provide professional consulting services relating to educational quality assurance.
9.To be a contact unit for related agencies and organizations in accordance with assigned functions.
10. To manage human resources within the center, to proposal needs and coordinate with other departments in the process of recruitment, to train staff of the center in accordance with current regulations.
11. To manage and use effectively labors and assets in accordance with provisions of the law and university regulations.
12. To perform other duties assigned by the President.



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