Consulting Center of Technological Sciences for Natural Resources and Environment

The consulting center of technological sciences for natural resources and environment (CCTSNRE) is a consulting research center on the field of natural resources and environment within Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA), formerly known as HUA. The Center was officially found in 1996 by HUA with a group of HUA’s researchers who shared their passion for natural resources management, environment and rural development. Since then, the Center has been expanding and strengthening the capacity and research scopes, establishing more fruitful cooperation.

Most of the projects carried by the center have seen a strong tie with the internal and international partners and which were supported by variety of ministries, provinces, districts in Vietnam and some international organizations, such as: the European Commission, Upland program, JICA, EU organic agriculture, etc.

1. Functions

 1.1. Training

·  Coordinating closely and effectively with the Faculty of Land Management in guiding Land Management and Soil Science students during their internship and vocational training.

· Instructing post-graduate Land Management and Soil Science students in internship and curriculum practice; Training and fostering staff and students in the fields of Natural Resources and Environment (Land management, land planning, mapping, rural agriculture, land and environment assessment, specialized information technology applications in land and environmental resources management.

· Organizing trainings with certificates, professional training; Cooperating in training technicians for localities in Natural Resources and Environment, Agriculture and Rural Development; Collaborating and exchanging student training with home and international universities and research institute.

1.2. Scientific research and technology transfer

·  Participating in implementing projects at the protocol, ministerial, provincial, school levels and equivalent; Participating in bidding for scientific research projects at state, ministerial, provincial levels; evaluating scientific research projects, science and technology transfer projects in the field of Natural Resources and Environment, Agriculture and Rural Development.

·  Coordinating with universities, research institutes, centers inside and outside the university, home and international organizations to implement scientific research projects; Organizing scientific seminars and conferences; Improving the position and reputation of the University and the Center in the period of international economic integration.

·  Cooperating and implementing of scientific research projects, science and technology transfer projects in the field of Natural Resources and Environment, Rural Agriculture, sustainable development (land use planning; changing land use structure, overall socio-economic development planning, agricultural economic development planning, land inventories, building land use status maps, measuring cadastral maps and granting land use right certificates, developing agro-chemical soil maps, assessing land and agricultural water classification, environmental planning and strategic environmental assessment, environmental impact assessment, waste treatment to protect the environment and agricultural biodiversity, responding to climate change)

·  Services and provision of scientific achievements, such as the transfer of technological processes in the field of Natural Resources and Environment, Rural Agriculture, new products business produced by agencies (biological products used in agriculture and waste treatment, agricultural domestic waste, microbial organic fertilizer, fertilizer nitrogen fertilizer, multi-element fertilizer, self-destruct products, chemical destruction technology); Consulting services for environmental service use and specialized agricultural model building.

2. Tasks

·  Organizing the implementation of scientific research projects assigned by agencies in the field of Land, Water and Environment Resources, Rural Areas, and Agriculture; Creating new science and technology products.

·  Implementing and cooperating with departments, sectors, legal entities, factories to implement projects of transferring science and technology, contracts of science and technology into manufacturing.

·  Coordinating with the Departments of Natural Resources and Environment, Agriculture and Rural Development, Science and Technology, provinces’ functional centers of provinces to organize professional training for grassroots officials, technicians in Natural Resources and Environment, Agriculture and Rural Development sectors according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and Vietnam National University of Agriculture.

·  Organizing services providing new scientific and technological products in strict compliance with regulations on scientific and technological activities and related regulations of the State and ministries, and ensuring quality and prestige.

·  Organizing contracts, bidding projects, appraising bidding documents, evaluating projects and cooperating with home and international agencies, organizations and individuals to perform the Center's tasks.


3. Management Board

Management Board






Assoc. Prof. Dr. Đỗ Nguyên Hải



Dr. Đỗ Văn Nhạ

Vice Director


4. Remarkable results

·  CCTSNRE has carried out some projects relating to the fields of land management, fertilizer use, and environmental protection. For example:

Joint research program with Germany on "Sustainable land use and rural development in mountainous areas of Southeast Asia"

National project on "Sustainable land use and rural development in mountainous areas of North Vietnam"

Joint research with JICA-Japan: "Research on sustainable agricultural development and increase income for rural households in Vietnam"

·  CCTSNRE organized various both national and international seminars and conferences and received many turns of professors and research staff from other countries such as Germany, Italy, and Japan to work with the center.

·  CCTSNRE led and implemented projects on transferring technology to localities and scientific consulting sections.


5. Contact information

Address: Room 101, P102, Building B1, Faculty of Land Management, Vietnam National University of Agriculture, Trau Quy, Gia Lam, Hanoi

Tel:       Fax: 04.3.8760.476 or



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