Center for Agricultural Technology Incubation (CATI)

1. Introduction

CATI is a center for agricultural technology and start-up incubation which was founded in 2015 at Vietnam National University of Agriculture.  CATI’s major functions are as follow:

−   Incubating high and sustainable technology initiatives in agriculture and rural development

−   Supporting/formation potential research/start-up groups toward spin-off company development

−   Supporting entrepreneurship including groups of student from different disciplines starting up in agricultural technology

 2. Human resource

CATI has director board, Incubation and administrative staff with 15 persons. It has also outsourcing and collaborating with the network of 30 researchers, senior experts in different areas and start up mentors from VNUA and national and international organizations.

Director Board






Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Viet Long



Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Minh

Vice Director


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Van Phan

Vice Director


 3. Criteria for selection of CATI incubating projects:

Project proposals and concepts submitted to CATI for financial and advisory supports will be selected based on the following key priorities:

-     High value, local value, green growth

-     Involvement of young researchers and students

-     Potential for spin off, startup (IP registration, quality certification)

4. Remarkable results


Variety of sticky purple hybrid maize NT141 (PVP registration)

Breeding technologies of Vietnam double petal orchid lily varieties serving the domestic market towards exports (PVP registration)

Biomaterials for revegetation to make landscape and cover barren hills (IPR registration)


Products: Tea bag Docynia indica - lotus leaf and Tea lotus leaf – green tea (Business Registration)

Tea bag from Plukenetia Volubilis L. (sachi) (Business Registration)

 Quinoa instant baby food and milk (Quality and Business Registration)

Products: Robusta essences, moringa essences and crisps (Quality and Business Registration)

Machine for manufacturing potting soil (not used bags, trays) combined automatic seeding (IPR registration)


Probiotics NN1-Proyme used in the prevention and treatment of diseases for animals

Probiotics NN1-Vitamin Plus increasing resistance for animals

Animal feed Nutri-Plus for meat pigs lean towards after weaning period


Contact information

CATI - Vietnam National University of Agriculture

Trau Quy - Gia Lam - Hanoi - Vietnam

Tel: 0912469879 (Mr. Long) or 03642904324



Vietnam National
University of Agriculture


Address: Trau Quy - Gia Lam - Ha Noi
ĐT: (+84) 024.6261.7543 or (+84) 024 6261.7549 - Fax: (+84) 024 6261.7586