Center for Experts was established in 2017 under the Decision No 3389/QĐ-HVN dated 21 August 2017 by president of Vietnam National University of Agriculture.


Establishment of Center for Experts 


· Advising the Presidency Board on programs and policies to attract experts to work at the University;

· Advising the Presidency Board on training programs, scientific research, and national and international cooperation;

· Participating in developing the University's development plan and giving opinions on the policies of the Communist Party and the Government when requested by the VNUA’s President.



· Proposing and presiding over the implementation of projects, applied research, technology transfer projects; Promoting the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research collaboration between the Faculties and VNUA’s departments and between the University and external organizations and individuals, including international organizations and individuals, foreigners in accordance with the provisions of law and in accordance with the needs of the University;

· Participating and contributing in scientific aspects to National development programs;

· Promoting parallel and multilateral international publishing and technology transfer;

· Promoting communication activities to promote VNUA’s image;

· Performing other duties assigned by the President.


Human sources




Prof. Dr. Trần Đức Viên


Dr. Hoàng Hiệp

Deputy Director

Prof. Dr. Trần Duy Quý

Senior Expert


Prof. Dr. Trần Khắc Thi

Senior Expert

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tô Long Thành

Senior Expert

Dr. Lê Văn Khoa

Senior Expert

Assoc. Prof. Dr Trần Đăng Khánh

Senior Expert


Dr. Nguyễn Duy Bình

Senior Expert


 R&D focus


o Aquaculture: aquatic farming, fishing, aquatic exploitation, aquatic product processing, aquatic epidemic diseases, aquatic environment:


o Animal husbandry: Breeding special animals with high economic value such as: snake, bee, chicken, wild boar.


o Veterinary medicine: vaccines, pathology, medicine, etc.


o Biotechnology: genetics, breeding, etc.


o Electrical engineering and food technology: processing agricultural machine, tools, food processing, post-harvest technology, high-tech agriculture.


o Agronomy: fruit trees, industrial trees, medicinal plants, vegetables, irrigation, fertilizer, plant protection.


o Socio-economy and policy: public policy, economic management, value chain, rural sociology, commodity analysis.


o Market research and communication and promotion.


o Land management: soil science - soil; land and economic planning.


o Agricultural environment, climate change response and adaptation, environmental management and protection.


Contact information

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