The Institute of Economics and Development (IED) was established in 2007. The functions of the institute include:

  • Researching and developing technologies for agriculture and rural economic development as well as resources and environmental economics;
  • Operating consulting activities: Resources and environmental economics; projects and activities of rural agricultural development, investigation and rural agricultural development projects;
  • Technologies transfer, participating and building links for education, cooperating with other national and international organizations in economics, resources and environmental management as well as rural and agricultural development.


Total: 18 persons of which

  1. Prof.Dr: 1 person
  2. PhD: 1 person
  3. MSc: 2 persons;
  4. BA: 13 persons.
  5. Other: 1 person 

Management Board 






Assoc. Prof. Dr . Tran Dinh Thao



Nguyen Ngoc Vinh

Vice Director

R&D Focus

  • Rural resources development policy;
  • Solutions to develop small and medium enterprises  for rural economy development;
  • Designing rural planning construction;
  • Production development;
  • Agricultural extension and technology transfer;
  • Production organization in agriculture and in rural regions;
  • Layout and residential arrangements (free migration, disaster areas, special difficult areas, and border and island areas). 

Training Programs

  • Short-term trainings on accounting and production, business planning, with emphasis on small and medium-sized enterprises;
  • Training courses on “Tam nong” - Agriculture – Farmer – Rural Area with Institute of Trade of Guangxi University, China. 

Main Achievements

  • Projects at ministerial level:
  • Research on rural human resources development policy to the year 2020;
  • Research on risk management policy in the swine industry in Vietnam.
  • Research on solutions to develop small and medium enterprises  for rural economy development in Haiphong by 2020;
  • Completion of the new rural development policy in accordance with the conditions of Bac Ninh to the year 2020.
  • New models for rural projects in Hanoi, Hung Yen, Hoa Binh, Ninh Binh, and Thai Binh;
  • Production development in new rural communes in Thai Binh, and Bac Ninh;
  • Development of a set of monitoring and evaluation indicators of population distribution program (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development);
  • Renovation and development of form of production organization in agriculture and rural areas.
  • Projects at provincial level:
  • Consultancy: 


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