Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA) aims to be one of the leading universities in education and research in the areas of agriculture and rural development in Vietnam and the region. Its committed works are for a distinctive contribution to the society.

VNUA’s research strategy for the period of 2013-2020 is built on three core activities, which are strongly supported by our leadership, our people and utilize both our internal and external resources, including:

1.     Research and technology transfer


  • - To focus on technologies to develop and produce hybrid varieties of rice, corn, vegetables and fruits; applications of nano-technology for production of plant varieties, artificial breeding of livestock; studies on selection and creation of plant and animal varieties with high quality and yields, especially those potentially-exported products and those Vietnam has to import from abroad;
  • - To combine modern and traditional methods in studies on genetics, vaccine production, disease diagnostics, and biodiversity;
  • - To increase research and technology transfer for an optimized agriculture and an ecological environment in agriculture and rural areas; studies on the agricultural mechanization and electronics; policies on the rural economic development including the agricultural industrialization; studies on natural resources and environment for a sustainable development; and
  • - To increase the financial value of research and technology transfer to be about 15% of the total VNUA's budget by 2015 and 25% by 2020.

2.     Cooperation relations with external partners


  • - To establish a Center for advanced education and research with occasional involvements of visiting foreign experts; and
  • - To develop cooperation and agreements so that advanced education institutions in foreign countries can accept VNUA's education degrees.

3.     Implementation measures to increase the quality of science and technology activities.

  • - To build practical strategies for each VNUA's unit based on their characteristics and economic development demands at local and national levels;
  • - To improve capacity building to develop experts with scientific, technical skills and knowledge, with management capability in science and technology activities; development of a science and technology park;
  • - To continuously improve facilities for research, especially the efficient use of existing laboratories;
  • - To link closely VNUA's research and education with market and production; focus on scientific and technology markets;
  • - To promote the implementation of intellectual property rights including seeking support of the Vietnamese experts living in foreign countries;
  • - To increase quality and quantity of VNUA's Science & Technology Journal; encourage VNUA researchers’ publications in international scientific journals and proceedings;
  • - To implement policies of reward and retribution in science and technology activities; and 
  • - To encourage VNUA's staff and students to participate in regional and international scientific conferences.



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