The Training Management Office is a functional unit to support the university in the following affairs: Developing the training development strategy; Recruiting and Enrollment; Elaborating social need driven training curriculum, planning and organizing training, and managing study of student (from associate to doctoral levels); Organizing training and training management associated scientific research activities; And solving the emerging related issues.


a. To make proposals on the followings:

  • Training objectives, disciplinary & major structures, training scales and methods;
  • The development of training facilities;
  • Joint training with internal and external institutions;
  • Scientific research, enhancement of the cooperation with provinces and organizations nationwide in training and human resources development as well as scientific research implementation.

b. To manage training plan 

In specifics:

  • To specify and implement all training and training management related to regulations, official/legal documents of the Ministry of Education and Training;  
  • To develop full training plan;
  • To develop joint training programs in collaboration with local and international institutions;
  • To collaborate with all faculties of the university in developing all training programs, and monitoring their implementations;      
  • To design training and examination schedules; to cooperate with related units in organizing examinations including university entrance exam, final exam, graduation, other related exams;
  • To manage academic performance, evaluate and test training quality;
  • To manage and issue certificates, transcript of records for students;
  • To coordinate teaching activities and manage training quality of joint training programs.

c. To manage learners

 In specifics:

  • To issue official copies of documents and files to learners in accordance with legal regulations;
  • To carry out all procedures for enrollment, graduation, and university transfer;
  • To collaborate with banks to provide the bank card for learners in line with the regulations of the MOET;
  • To implement policies and regulations issued by the State, and the university on scholarship, tuition fee, commendation, and reward as well as discipline to the students;
  • To execute scholarship programs and credit programs for students.


Office Management Board 






Dr.Nguyen Viet Dang

Acting Director


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phan Xuan Hao

Deputy Director


MSc. Nguyen Quang Tu

Deputy Director


Office: First floor, Administration Building, VNUA

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