On the afternoon of 12 October 2021, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Lan - Secretary of the Party Committee, President of Vietnam National University of Agriculture chaired the working session with Ms. Carolyn Turk, the Country Director for Vietnam and the WB team, including Ms. Steiffi Stallmeister – Operation Manager, senior specialists in Education, Economics, Agriculture and task team leader of the Project “Supporting for autonomous higher education” (SAHEP).

From VNUA, attending the meeting were Prof. Dr. Tran Duc Vien – Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Cao Duc Phat - Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees, members of the Presidency Board and Directors of related faculties and offices.

The overview of the meeting


At the meeting, Ms. Carolyn Turk congratulated VNUA on its 65th anniversary of the establishment and expressed her support for the development of the agricultural sector of Vietnam in general and VNUA in particular. Ms. Carolyn Turk affirmed that it was neccesary to define the development of the agricultural sector for the next 20 years; for the time being, the food security issues have been gradually improved, many crops and livestock have been exploited and the demographics in the agricultural sector has also changed significantly. She believed that the agricultural industry will see an increase in scientific research, innovative ideas and the ability to change the global market.

Ms. Carolyn Turk – The World Bank Country Director for Vietnam speaks at the meeting


According to Ms. Carolyn Turk, the demand from developed countries for Vietnam's agricultural products is increasing. The World Bank is very pleased to cooperate and support agricultural universities and is very willing to connect VNUA with partners around the world.

Prof. Dr. Tran Duc Vien, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, warmly welcomed and expressed special thanks to Ms. Carolyn Turk and colleagues from the World Bank for their visit on the 65th anniversary of VNUA. At the same time, he respectfully and highly appreciated the contribution of the World Bank to Vietnam in general and to the development VNUA in  the past few years.   

At the meeting, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Lan - President of VNUA, introduced the 65 year development history of the university. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Lan also shared a brief summary of the implementation progress of the component project "Enhancing Capacities in Science and Technology and Human Resources Training to contribute to the National Agriculture Restructuring and New Rural Construction" (SAHEP-VNUA) funded by the WB and the positive socio-economic results and impacts drawn from the project.

In the near future, VNUA hopes that the WB will continue to invest in the project "Innovative Ecosystem" to develop sustainable green agriculture, high-tech agriculture, and circular technology to complete the agricultural innovation ecosystem for human resource training, scientific research and agriculture restructuring.

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Lan, President of VNUA, speaks at the meeting


Experts from the WB and leaders of VNUA had dynamic and constructive discussions about the development of Vietnam's agriculture, the participation of private enterprises in the development of scientific research development within the university and strategies for the sustainable development of VNUA.


Discussion between the World Bank experts and VNUA


After the meeting, the delegation continued to visit the Institute of Agro-Biology, the Accademy for Green Growth, and construction works within the SAHEP-VNUA Project. With the support of the SAHEP-VNUA Project, modern and synchronous facilities will certainly be the highlights of VNUA that contributes to enhancing the image and quality of training and research of VNUA. VNUA is expected to become an autonomous, multidisciplinary, multi-branch university in accordance with the model of an advanced research university in the region, a national center of excellence for innovation and human resource training.

Delegates take photos at the Conference Hall


Some other photos of the working session

Prof. Dr. Tran Duc Vien, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, warmly welcomes and expresses special thanks to Ms. Carolyn Turk and colleagues from the World Bank for their contribution to Vietnam in general and to the development VNUA in  the past few years.

Dr. Cao Duc Phat - Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees speaks at the meeting

The WB delegates visit the Institute of Agro Biology

The delegation visits the Accademy for Green Growth

The delegation visits the building of the Research Center for Agriculture and Life Sciences under the SAHEP-VNUA project

The delegation visits Vietnam Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Joint Stock Company



Photo: Lan Huong - Center Public Relation and Student Support