Studying the humoral immune responses of rabbit immunized by porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) isolated from pigs

Huỳnh Thị Mỹ Lệ, Nguyễn Văn Giáp, Lê Văn Phan, Cao Thị Bích Phượng, Trịnh Đình Thâu





Vietnam Journal of Science and Technology

This study was conducted to determine the immunogenicity of several porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) strains which are chosen as candidates for selection of master seed. The results showed that 3 strains of PCV2 equally invoked the immune response of pigs with measurable level of humoral antibodies within 14 to 21 days and prolonged at least until day 56 post immunization. Sera of pigs immunized by PCV2 strains of different passaging levels all contained neutralizing antibodies against homolog


Determination White Spot Virus in Live Food

Trương Thị Mỹ Hạnh, Huỳnh Thị Mỹ Lệ, Đặng Thị Lụa, Lê Thị Mây, Phan Thị Vân

Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development

The study was conducted from March to December 2015 in 4 provinces including Ca Mau, Bac Lieu, Khanh Hoa and Nghe An, focusing on gathering information on the species as live food used for shrimp brood stocks in hatcheries and determining whether these live foods carried WSSV. The results showed that there were 13 species of live food types in 5 groups (crustaceans, cephalopoda, molluscs, polychaete and cattle) were used for feeding shrimp broodstocks in hatcheries. The number of live food species varied on locations which were highest in Bac Lieu (9 species), followed by Khanh Hoa (6 species), Ca Mau (5 species) and then in Nghe An (2 species). WSSV were only found in polychaete (Perinereis sp) with 32.07% of samples collected from shrimp hatcheries in Khanh Hoa


Land use and management in Agricutural-forestry state farms in Lao Cai province

Cao Việt Hà

Journal of Soil Science

During the period of 2005-2015, Lao Cai province has re-organized, renovated activity models of agricultural-forestry state farms 06: dissoluted farms due to inefficiency in business; equitizing 01 farm; changing 04 farms into companies limited one-member. The land of 06 dissoluted farms have been transferred to local authorities of which 4 are quite successful in business, while the remaining encounter some difficulties: so many fallowed land existed (focused in Van Ban farm with 1,410ha); illegal land lease still existed (178.5ha in PhongHai Tea company); encroachment of farm land still happened (379.15ha in Bao Yen forestry company); Boundary demarcation work, land use right certificate issuing were implemented slowly.


Evaluating the Potential of Digital Soil Mapping Method to Map Soil Types in Bac Ninh Province

Đoàn Thanh Thủy, Lê Thị Giang

Vietnam Journal of Agricultural Science, vol 4, p.629-634

There has been considerable expansion in the application of multinomial logistic regression (MLR) techniques because it could help to save much time and costs for collecting and analysing soil data points compared to conventional methods. This research aims to assess the potential of mapping soil types in Bac Ninh by assessing the performance of Multinomial Logistic Regression (MLR) model in predicting soil types. Nine predictive variables were derived from the ancillary data including land use, altitude, slope, NDVI, PVI, RVI, Topographic Wetness Index and SAGA Wetness Index. MLR model were constructed to predict soil classes at 2 levels: WRB-Reference Soil Group and intermediate level of Soil Group between Reference Soil Group and the full WRB soil name. The map quality was indicated by the soil map purity estimated with an independent validation dataset. The diversity indices were calculated to assess the information content of the resultant maps. Assessment of the model’s prediction is based on the soil map purity, the Shannon’s entropy and a combined index MLR yields high map purity at level of Reference Soil Group. When the taxonomic level changed from Reference Soil Group level to intermediate level the map purity decreases while the value of the diversity indices increases. Therefore, soil mapping using MLR in predicting Reference Soil Group will be more efficient. However, at intermediate level, the model predicts higher diversity of soil map and thus the informative value estimated by the combined index is higher.


Effects of levels nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium to tomato grown on organic substrate

Nguyễn Văn Thao, Nguyễn Thu Hà, Đỗ Nguyên Hải

Vietnam Journal of Agricultural Science vol 14, issue 8, 2016

Providing nutrition for plant which growth on substrate is a necessary requirement to gain high quality and yeild. The experiment consists of 28 pots of different fertilizer amounts. Goal of the study is to determine suitable amount of N, P, K fertilizers for tomato growth on organic substrate. Study results show that the pHKCl value of organic substrate (7.28) was at neutral; amounts of organic compound, total nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium were high and equivalent to some popular organic substrates. Different levels of phosphate, potassium fertilizer application (with the same level of nitrogen fertilizer) did not affect tomato yield. Combination of 6.0g N, 4.5g P2O5 and 6.0g K2O for 1 pot help gain high average weight (78.32g/fruit) and actually collected yield (2.38 kg fruit/pot); the effect of fertilizer was 89.33 kg fruit/kg pure fertilizer. Potassium fertilizer application significantly affected on saccharose sugar content of tomatoes and the value was larger than 5.0% in pots that 4.0 - 6.0 g K2O was applied. After 15 days of fertilization, NO3- content of the tomatoes fluctuated between from 29.7 to 110.3 mg/kg fruit and lower than Vietnamese standard.


Effects of fertilizer contains Ca, S, B to grown and yield of pepper on acrid soil in Phu Giao district, Binh Duong province.

Nguyễn Văn Thao, Đỗ Nguyên Hải, Nguyễn Thu Hà

Vietnam Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development, vol 18, 2016, pp. 112-118

Research evaluated the effect of Sitto-V super Calci-Bo fertilizer contains Ca, S, B to growth and yeild of pepper (VinhLinh pepper varieties). The experiment was conducted with 5 different levels of Sitto-V Super Calcium-Bo fertilizer based on fertilizers is 20 tons of animal manure + 400 kg N + 200 kg P2O5 + 200 kg K2O /ha/year for pepper Vinh Linh at the stage business in Phu Giao district, Binh Duong province. Experimental results show that, at fertilizer 125kg/ ha/year yield of pepper reached 2.97 kg dried pepper/post; bulk density of dry pepper reached 520,75 g/l; profit margin of growers was 5.69; total income as reached 688.87 million dong/ha/year. The net profit of that fertilizer level was higher than other levels and reached 86.71 million dong/ha/year.


Assessment of Compensation for Ground Clearance to Perform Phu My Urban Project, Quang Ngai City, Quang Ngai Province

Đỗ Minh Hải, Đỗ Thị Tám

Journal of Soil Science, vol 17

This study aims to investigate strengths and difficulties of the performance in compensation and land clearance process in Quang Ngai City. According to the findings, many related land owners generally agreeing that the compensation and ground clearance have complying with the law of government. However, there are some limitations could be pointed out which are: the compensation usually be done by paying money; determine the compensation rates for land close to the actual price; support levels remain low; the layout and progress of resettlement not guarantee timely clearance, no orientation using the compensation and support for farmers. Proposed solutions for these problems are improving the capacity of institution in managing land; recovery policies, compensation and support to ensure the living conditions of the people whose land is recovered better than before; resettlement areas necessary to build a modern and fully equipped; building support reasonable policies; resolve employment issues and guides people to use tools in compensation effectively and assisting.


Some objective factors affect the transformation of the Vietnam family culture today

MSc. Lê Văn Hùng

Journal of Educational Theory


The article analyses some the objective factors influencing the transformation of Vietnam family culture at present. Include elements: Globalization; market economy; industrialization - modernization; Policies of Party and law of State.


Contributing to clarify some basic contents of Ho Chi Minh's thought about the relationship between the Party and the people.

Trần Thị Mai

Journal of Labour and Labour Union

Ho Chi Minh's thought on the relationship between the Party and the people is the leading content of his conception of party building. Ho Chi Minh issued a system of theories on the position and role of the people and the Party; the basic contents and solutions and solutions aimed at implementing that relationship in practice. In the present period, Ho Chi Minh's instructions still hold great significance in both theoretical and practical terms. Therefore, in order to better deal with the relationship between the Party and the people in the new situation, it is necessary to continue to thoroughly grasp and creatively use his views aimed at promoting the Party's leadership role and at the same time encouraging The strength of the people in the spirit of the Party Congress XII: "rich people, strong country, democracy, justice and civilization".


Ho Chi Minh with the realization of new style state in Vietnam.

Nguyễn Đắc Dũng

Journal of Practising Theory

President Ho Chi Minh was aware of the construction of an independent state, affirming national independence. He has taken dialectical and modern state-of-the-art in Vietnam; The State takes advantage of the national interests and benefits the majority of people to achieve their objectives and ideals. The view of Ho Chi Minh on the new state model in Vietnam has evolved from a public-private-military state model to a democratic-democratic state model, whose common ground remains the supreme benefit of the people. the basic rights of the people. That state model was gradually realized in the revolution of Vietnam in the beginning of 1945, after the victory of the August Revolution in 1945, the Democratic Republic of Vietnam was born in Vietnam. That new state has gradually affirmed, protected, bring the interests of the people and interests of the people of Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh's thinking about the new state and the dialectical unity between the new state-of-the-state thought and practice have many theoretical and practical values for the construction and improvement of the State. Socialist law in Vietnam today.


Ho Chi Minh's position on a new state - the state has a strong legal force.

Nguyễn Đắc Dũng

Journal of Labour and Labour Union

Ho Chi Minh's rule of law has many contents, in which the view of the State is legally effective is a content of theoretical and practical value. Ho Chi Minh's views on the state have a strong legal force, on the one hand expressing Ho Chi Minh's appreciation of the human right of the rule of law, especially the rule of law in the West, suitable for Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh determined that the base of the State has a strong legal effect in the legitimacy and constitutionality of the State, which is the entire people set up by a general election under popular vote. The lawful and constitutional state must be managed by the legal system, the law system must be built as a management tool and the law must be brought into life.


Independence of nationalities associated with socialism - From Ho Chi Minh Thought to the current reality of our country

Trần Thị Mai

Journal of Labour and Labour Union

Ho Chi Minh's thought on the relationship between the Party and the people is the leading content of his conception of party building. Ho Chi Minh issued a system of theories on the position and role of the people and the Party; the basic contents and solutions and solutions aimed at implementing that relationship in practice. In the present period, Ho Chi Minh's instructions still hold great significance in both theoretical and practical terms. Therefore, in order to better deal with the relationship between the Party and the people in the new situation, it is necessary to continue to thoroughly grasp and creatively use his views aimed at promoting the Party's leadership role and at the same time encouraging The strength of the people in the spirit of the Party Congress XII: "rich people, strong country, democracy, justice and civilization".


Building the relationship between the party and the people currently in accordance with Ho Chi Minh' ideology

Trần Thị Mai


Journal of Practising Theory

During the process of leading the Vietnamese revolution, the Communist Party of Vietnam has always been sympathized with and supported by the people, united around the Party as a revolutionary. This achievement is due to Ho Chi Minh - as the founder, trainer and leader of the Communist Party of Vietnam - has taken great care, fostering the close relationship between the Party and the people. However, in the current context, due to many reasons, the close relationship between the Party and the people are showing many limitations. The Communist Party of Vietnam is in danger of being separated from the people, losing its leadership role. Hence, returning to Ho Chi Minh's mind to study, to understand, to properly grasp and properly use his thoughts on strengthening the relationship between the Party in the present context is a matter of medium Meaningful, long-term. This will contribute to consolidating the people's confidence in the Party, strengthening the national unity bloc and flesh-blood relations between the Party and the people; It creates tremendous power for the Party and people to achieve the goal of a prosperous people, a strong country, a democracy, a fair and a civilized country


Vietnamese law on the right to take legal action in the interests of the environment and experience of the nations of the world

Nguyễn Thị Minh Hạnh

Police’s Journal of Technology and Environment

The model of Environmental Voluntary

Agreement in Japan has become popular since the 1960s, which aims to reach the mutual agreement between local residents, businesses and local governments on pollution control measures at the respective locality. Not only is the model effective in promoting the collaboration between the three involved parties, but it also marked the success of Japan in decentralized environmental governance. The paper points out the convergences and divergences between the model environmental voluntary agreement in Japan and the model of village convention on environmental protection in Vietnam, thereby proposing amendments in environmental policies to strengthen the efficiency in environmental management at local levels in Vietnam.



Law of Vietnam on Planning for Agricultural Land Use Purposes

MSc. Vũ Văn Tuấn

Assoc. Prof. Dr.Doãn Hồng Nhung

Science Journal, Vietnam National University

The article analyses the provisions of Land Law 2013 and related documents on agricultural land use conversion in the overall land use planning; identifies a number of vague provisions, some hindrances in the law’s enforcement; and proposes finalization of legislation on agricultural land use conversion planning.


The change of values and norms of family culture

Lê Văn Hùng

Online journal of Communist

From the transformation of values, cultural norms in the current conjugal relationship ... to the transformation of values and cultural norms in the relationship between parents and children. And the current problems with cultural change in the Vietnam family today.


The issue of income and livelihood of people in some localities in the Northeast

Lê Thị Ngân

Journal of Economics and Forecast

The paper analyses livelihoods and incomes of people in Quang Ninh province, Phu Tho province and Ha Giang province in the Northeast of Vietnam. In general, their livelihoods are diversified, but they are mainly active in the agricultural sector, so their income is low. In three provinces, the income of the people in Quang Ninh is the highest, while in Ha Giang is the lowest, due to agricultural production of the province is difficult due to weather, terrain, level of people very low...


Traditional Knowledge on Genetic Resources with Intellectual Property Rights: Law of Viet Nam and Country Experiences in the World

Nguyễn Thị Minh Hạnh, Đỗ Thị Kim Hương, Lê Thị Yến

Journal of Logistics and Technology

Intellectual property rights

over traditional knowledge generally and traditional knowledge associated with genetic resources particularly has still been a controversially debated topic in the world. However,to protect the rights of indigenous people over their knowledge against "bio-piracy", an appropriate intellectual property regime is of significance in every national jurisdiction. The paper points out the legal base in national and international laws in governing this matters and refers to relevant experiences of other countries in the world, thereby providing recommendations for the legal reform on the issue.



Psychological difficulties in direct English communication of students at Vietnam national university of agriculture

Đặng Thị Vân

Journal of Social Psychology

The author found that most students experienced difficulties in English communication. There was a significant difference in difficulty level between first year and final years student, i.e. final year students experienced less psychological difficulty than first year students. Subjective reason were found to be more predictive than objective reason in explaining psychological difficulty in English Communication. Lack of proactiveness in English learning explained the most variance in psychological difficulty in English Communication.


Designing Lessons of Technology for Grade 7 according to the New School Model

Nguyễn Tất Thắng

Journal of Educational Equipment

Educational innovation is an essential need, which being mentioned in many important documents of State organization. Implementing New School Model at secondary schools has started since 2014-2015 under the monitoring of Ministry of Education and Training. This paper summarize important points of lessons’ structure and designing lessons which promote positive and active learning of learners as well as improving learner’s competencies.


Development and testing of educational vignettes to enhance learning attitude and occupational skills for students taking educational communicational module

Đặng Thị Vân

Journal of Social Psychology

The author developed 13 educational vignettes for educational communication module. The vignettes focused on foundational knowledge of the module, such as theories, communicational tools, communicational principles, communicational skills and styles. Most students expressed excitement in doing the vignettes. They also provided positive responses about the lecturers and the module.


Psychological difficulties in career orientation of high school students in Truc Ninh, Nam Dinh Province

Nguyễn Việt Dũng

Đặng Thị Vân


Journal of Social Psychology

A survey of 300 students in two high schools In Nam Dinh showed that students faced many difficulties in career orientation. Of the three aspects studied, difficulties in the behavioural aspect of career orientation were most prominent. The main reason was student' insufficient occupational knowledge, leading to their confusion in selecting a suitable field of study.


The situation and solutions for improving the quality of preparation and teaching practicum for teacher trainees

Nguyễn Thị Thanh Hiền, Lê Thị Kim Thư, Trần Thị Thanh Tâm

Journal of Teaching and Learning Today

Pedagogical practice is an important apprenticeship during pedagogical training. This research is carried out by investigating the actual conditions in pedagogical practice of 195 teacher trainees participated in pedagogical practice, surveying 20 instructors and interviewing headmasters of practice facilities and care-taker teachers of each teacher trainee group to figure out the facts of this training period. The research results show that besides favourable conditions, students cope with multiple unfavourable conditions such as pre-practicum teaching preparation, pedagogical issues during-practicum, student management, and trainees' interpersonal skills. From the results with the identified problem’s causes, the research proposes four groups of solution to improve the quality of teaching practicum for teacher trainees.



Designing experiences and pedagogical situation in order to apply into teaching pedagogical communication section at Vietnam National University of Agriculture.

TS.Đặng Thị Vân- ThS. Nguyễn Huyền Thương

Journal of Educational Technology

Pedagogical Communication is a basic module in Bachelor program in Pedagogical Technical Agriculture and Agricultural Encouragement majors-Faculty of Education and Foreign Language at Vietnam National University of Agriculture. The main purpose of this module is to practise Pedagogical skill for students, especially skills of communication and problem solving. Basing on the theoretical basic of situations-based teaching method, the author presented 7 experiences and 6 situations relating to the central knowledge of this module section.


Some Results of Research of Solar Dryer for Anchovies

Trần Như Khuyên, Nguyễn Thanh Hải, Trần Như Khánh

Vietnam Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development

This paper reports the result of the simulation and the experiment of flat and V groove mixed-mode solar air collector for the dried applications of anchovies by the solar air. In this collector, the air current flows the U-shaped to the part ofthe flat and V groove absorber. The flat absorber both plays the role of collecting the heat and the derivation to haul the air current. In the wedge-shaped wave collecting part, the air current touches with the parallel both the face side and the under side of the absorber to increase the capability of getting the heat. The simulation is carried out by the mathematics and Matlab software. The result of simulation is compared with the result of experiment in an early summer day. The temperature of the air current is out the collector with the simulation of getting highest is 328,9K, getting in reality is 327,5 K compared with the environment temperature is 307,2 K, the simulative efficiency of the collector gets highest is 54,4% compared with the real efficiency is 50,8%.

Keywords: Simulation, solar collector, mixed mode, V groove, drying.



Some Results Achieved from Studying and Designing Egg Incubator Atmg-3000 Powered By Combination Of Solar Energy and Biogas

Trần Như Khuyên, Trần Như Khánh, Nguyễn Thanh Hải

Vietnam Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development

Egg incubator ATMG-3000 powered by both of solar energy and biogas was designed and manufactured at Department of Food Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Vietnam National University of Agriculture. It is utilized for hatching eggs of chickens, ducks, geese, etc. It has been designed and manufactured according to a new principle: consumes both solar energy and biogas to maintain a continuous and stable heat supply for eggs hatching process.

Eggs of Luong Phuong chicken was chosen for study. Experimental result show that the machine works stably, hatching rate is high (90.03%), quality of newly hatched poultry is good, moreover the consumption of electricity is reduced by 77.82% compared to machines that completely powered by electricity.

Keywords: incubator, solar energy, biogas, electricity consumption.



Modelling and Simulation of Flat Plate Solar Energy Collector Used in Egg Incubator Powered By Solar Energy and Biogas

Trần Như Khuyên 2. Trần Như Khánh 3. Lê Minh Lư


Journal of Rural Industry, vol 21

In egg incubator powered by solar energy and biogas, solar energy collector has a simple flat plate structure and very cost effective as the cost of fabrication and repair or replacement is low. Inside the collector, air channels are created by walls in order to force gas move along zig zag ways to increase heat receiving ability.

The modeling was established by mathematical models and the simulation was performed using Matlab software. The test result of correlation between output temperature and length of gas channel has determined the appropriate length of the latter is 48m, which include 2 separate collectors with 24m long each.

Keywords: Modeling, simulation, solar energy collector, eggs incubator.



Design and manufacture the data collection system of the parameters that affect the growth process and development of Gerbera plants in greenhouses

Ngô Trí Dương, Nguyễn Văn Điều

Vietnam Journal of Agricultural Science 2016, vol 14, issue 3, p. 477-490

One of the methods for increasing crop yields is to nurture plants in greenhouses. Some important parameters affecting directly the growth stages of plants are temperature, air humidity, soil humidity and light intensity. Therefore, data collection has been brought into sharp focus, helping growers observe closely and adjust accordingly. The research for manufacturing of the data collection system will help growers approach new technologies. The system is designed and manufactured in order to collect and store the parameters data such as temperature (20-60 oC, steps 0,1); humidity (40-100%, steps 0,1); light intensity (10-14000 lux, steps 0,1) with accuracy of ± 5% of measured value set. The research provides preliminary solution to the collection and management of the data for greenhouses in Vietnam.


Research and apply automatic submerged arc welding technology to weld Q345B

Nguyễn Thị Hiên

Nguyễn Văn Đạt


Vietnam Journal of Agricultural Science 2016, vol 14, issue 3, p. 469-476

Cascade control systems are widely used in practice with one or more loops inside the primary loop and the

controllers are in cascade. In this structure, the control signal calculated by the outer loop is the set point of the inner

loop. This paper presents an algorithm that directly uses the experimental data to simultaneously tune parameters of

the controllers in cascade control systems. The algorithm does not require a mathematical model of the plan but only

one-shot experimental data collected from the closed loop system.



Study on dynamics of a hammer knife of trunk and leaf cutting parts of agricultural machines

Lương Văn Vượt

Journal of Rural Industry

This paper introduces some dynamic calculation research results of the symmetric hammer knife installed in trunk and leaf cutting machines using in agricultural production. Based on the constructing principle and working conditions of the symmetric hammer knife, a calculation model was established to find out the geometric relationship, mass distribution and direction of impulse in order to define the pivot point collision of the hammer knife. According to above results and taking advantages of offset collision, the rotating hammer knife with a hole at the pivot point collision was designed.)


Study on building technology process chromium plating applied for worm shaft of oil press machine.

Hoàng Xuân Anh; Tống Ngọc Tuấn;Lê Huy Thương; Hoàng Văn Đôn

Journal of Rural Industry

Requirements of parts of food processor as well as another machines are to ensure mechanical strength. Also, in some cases, these parts are ensured chemical strength (no rust). To ensure these requirements, in many cases, must use expensive materials. These materials are often expensive and difficult to process. These disadvantages lead to increase cost of machine. One of the ways to reduce cost of machine is that using chromium plating technology on normal and cheap materials. The content of article is result of chromium plating for worn shaft of oil press machine of the Faculty of Engineering, Vietnam National University of Agriculture, worn shaft has been tested through factual use.


The establishment of the edge profile as the basis of energy calculation for the straw chopping part combined with threshing machines

Nguyễn Văn Tam, Lê Minh Lư

Journal of Rural Industry

Up to now, the soft fibre material such as straw, weed, maize was cut by many different cutting principles; in those, the principle of a fixed knife with a kinematical chock (vane) is considered to be appropriate for the chopping part combined with harvesting machines. The building of the edge profile for the straw chopping part combined with threshing machines was studied and experimented at the Vietnam National University of Agriculture. In the study, we present the edge profile and some computational applications for the straw chopping part combined with threshing machines. The results of this study completed a new knife along with an edge profile based on a logarithmic spiral, which increases options to choose knife for the further studies. In addition, the results are also a propitious basis in term of energy calculation or optimization of research parameters of cutters for cutting straw or similar materials.


Results of the selection principles and the calculation some parameters of litchi shelling machine

Nguyễn Chung Thông 2. Lê Minh Lư

Journal of Rural Industry

This study suggests structural diagram and working principle for litchi sheller. The machine is designed to work on the principle of friction with two main divisions: two rubber rollers and a pressing belt. Litchi grovels shaft current of rollers. By friction of the rollers and the belt with shell, the shell of litchi is broken links and split. The main working parameters of the shelling part: The 100 millimetres diameter roller, rotation 159 rpm; the gap between the rollers 4 millimetres; speed of the belt 140 millimetres per second. The average productivity of a pair of the rollers is 100 kilograms per hour.


Design and manufacture a versatile sedge twine machine

Hoàng Xuân Anh

Tống Ngọc Tuấn

Nguyễn Hữu Hưởng


Journal of Rural Industry

Because of strong development of sedge industry, the number of sedge twine machines of our country is numerous. There are two different types of machines currently: down twine machine and opposite twine machine, the opposite twine machine is imported from China. Due to one type of machine twine the only type so machine can’t prove capacity. Besides, the opposite twine machine must be imported from foreign country, high cost, can’t take the initiative in maintenance, repair, etc. This article introduced new sedge twine machine (versatile sedge twine machine) on the basic of the opposite sedge twine machine of China. Experimental result showed that machine has two direction of rotation and quality of the product is good. The sample machine can be perfected so that manufacture new machines or improve sedge twine machines of China to become versatile sedge twine machines and apply in reality.



Lưu Văn Chiến, Lê Văn Bích

Journal of Rural Industry

Rice transplant is a hard and seasonal work that requires effort and meticulousness. Nowadays, most

farmers in North Vietnam still transplant manually. Rice trans-planters are applied in a little number of areas with a tiny proportion. Most of rice trans-planters on the market are large or medium size, they were made in Japan, Korea, China or Vietnam with high cost from few dozen to few hundred million Vietnam dong, beyond the ability of many farmers that the machines used in very few times in a years, only about 10 days/crop. Thus, requirement for a rice trans-planters with four-rows used small electric motors that suits the need of small family, is become more imperative. Therefore, we have researched and designed a small trans-planter with four rows powered by electric motor which is light, easy to operate, cheaper but functions as well as existing rice trans-planter



Research design and manufacture the dripping irrigation system to serve fresh vegetable that are grown in greenhouse with scale smaller than 100m2

Ngô Trí Dương

Đặng Thị Thúy Huyền

Nguyễn Văn Điều


Journal of Rural Industry

Technology of planting vegetables, flowers on the rack needs irrigated water-saving. Moreover, land areas for farmers becomes increasingly limited especially for big cities, densely populated. Therefore a dripping irrigation system is needed to serve fresh vegetables that are grown on a small scale and as modules. This paper presents the results of the process of designed, manufactured, installed a dripping irrigation system in a greenhouse at VietNam National University of Agriculture that is manufactured as modules smaller than 100m2. The dripping irrigation system consists of three modules A-letter racks, whose size each is 7600x900x1450 (mm). The module A-letter has 2 levels, each has 2 main pipes. Each main pipe is fitted with 21 irrigation pressure compensator dripping tips. The distance between the tips is 350 mm. The system of pipes, drip irrigation pipes intensity irrigation is 4l/h to ensure uniformity for the entire process controlled either manually or automatically. The system of soil humidity sensors will collect data sent S7 1200 PLC controller. The controller will execute commands on demand technology poses. The entire system is manufactured and installed initially for the results, moreover the equipment are used in the domestic market so farmers can be in control of the installation problem by easily increasing the number of modules, repairing or replacing equipment.


Some Research Results on the Impact of the Rotating Speed and Moment of Inertia of the Chopping Drum to the Straw Stubble Chopping Machine’s Working Ability

Nguyễn Xuân Thiết

Journal of Rural Industry

The straw stubble chopping machine with drums was published on the Journal of Rural industry in 2013. This article presents the continuing studies to complete the machine, focusing on the effects of rotating speed and moment of inertia of the drums to the machine's working ability. The drums not only keep the sliding- vane but also work as a flywheel of the machine. By storing energy in form of kinetic energy and releasing it when necessary, the drums helps the machine work stably with limited dynamics. The drums' kinetic energy depends first on the moment of inertia and then on angular velocity when working. Changing the moment of inertia or the rotating speed of the drums will change the drums' kinetic energy and affect the cost of energy as well. The results show suitable data with the drums' moment of inertia is JZ = 0,6 - 0,8 kgm2 and the speed of the drums is 350-400 rounds per minute.


Physical model of the vertical cone-shaped screw mixer

Lương Thị Minh Châu

Vietnam Journal of Agricultural Science

Physical model was built for the vertical cone-shaped screw mixer consists of two models: models of physics determine their capacity for the vertical cone-shaped screw mixer and physical models to determine productivity they the vertical cone-shaped screw mixer. Based on this physical model we built suites vertical cone-shaped screw mixer similar with the machine that I researched optimum parameters. Shorten the research process for the different machine models to growth productivity in calculating, design, manufacturing but they still have suites vertical cone-shaped screw mixer mode optimal work fit to the different power and productivity.


Study and design the model of the temperature and humidity monitoring system using wireless communication for agricultural warehouses

Ngô Phương Thủy, Bùi Đăng Thảnh

Journal of Science and Technology of technical universities

The paper presents a study concerning the design of a temperature and humidity measurement system using wireless communication. Measurement devices include sensors that measure temperature and humidity are designed based on ATMEGA16 microcontroller. These devices are placed at various points in the agricultural warehouses and data communication Acquisition device thanks to wireless communication RF. Acquisition device is also designed based on ATMEGA16 microcontroller with round scan tasks and receive data from devices remotely collect and then processor, display, and transmit data to a central computer. Interface software developed on C # programming language that allows receiving data via USB, data processing, display, and store alerts. The acquisition device has successful communicated with the measurement device via wireless connection at speeds up to 1Mbps with a distance of 20m.


Assessment and choices efficient, saving lighting solution for classroom in Vietnnam National University of Agriculture

Nguyễn Thị Huyền Thanh


Vietnam Journal of Agricultural Science

At present, saving electricity and effective lighting are more important. There are many methods to save electrical energy. This study was based on an assessment of the current state of the lighting system in the classrooms, the auditorium of the Viet Nam National University of Agriculture and then solutions to economize electric power in lighting for the university is promoted and to select the optimal scheme.


Restore shaft of stone sawing machine using build-up welding method

Tống Ngọc Tuấn

Lê Văn Tuân

Nguyễn Hữu Hưởng


Vietnam Journal of Agricultural Science

Shaft of stone sawing machine in working process often occurs fault. Common form of fault is worn over limited dimension at the center shaft. One of the methods brings high efficiency and meets opportunely for manufacturing is that restore shaft using build-up welding method, after that, process to achieve the desired dimension. Based on theoretic research into welding technology, choosing shielded metal arc welding for building-up weld. This is one of the methods that can easily use with existing equipment. Choosing equipment, welding condition, reasonable process, processing condition, evaluating quality so that make sure part is good after assembling into machine. Shaft is tested by using different equipment, roughness test, hardness test, to give machine a trial run and evaluating quality. Choosing 5 samples that were restored and evaluating quality. Relying on all evaluating methods, all shafts have good quality.


The numerical Simulation Hydroforming process form of thin products.

Nguyễn Thị Thu Trang

Vietnam Journal of Agricultural Science

Application of Eta / Dynaform software to the simulation of thin-walled die casting for the purpose of optimizing hydraulic die casting.


Research and apply automatic submerged arc welding technology to weld Q345B high-strength low-alloy steel

Nguyễn Hữu Hưởng

Tống Ngọc Tuấn


Vietnam Journal of Agricultural Science

On the current equipment, constructing experimental model combining with equipment system, attachment and automatic submerged arc welding machine to weld Q345B high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) steel with T joint, a thickness of plates is 5 mm and 8 mm respectively. Based on theoretic research into automatic submerged arc welding technology, experimental welding, using design of experiments, data processing to find out parameters of welding conditions to serve welding process of Q345B steel. Through the initial survey, fix some parameters and experimental welding with about input parameters and evaluating output parameters, determining parameters of welding conditions: welding current Ih ≈ 440 A, welding speed Vh ≈ 19,6 m/h. With parameters of welding conditions that were determined, combining with technological element and specific structure, T joint that was welded to ensure good form, dimension and quality.