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Galway - Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA) - Vietnam Ireland Bilateral Education Exchange (VIBE) Programme on Climate Resilient Agriculture & Environmentally Sustainable Landscapes

Vietnam Ireland Bilateral Education Exchange (VIBE) - the Irish Embassy, Hanoi



Bùi Lê Vinh – Faculty of Land Management

Overall objective

The goal of the NUI Galway – VNUA VIBE programme is to strengthen Ireland-Vietnam third-level education and research cooperation on climate resilient agriculture & environmentally sustainable landscapes in a manner that contributes to the sustainable development goals.

The specific objectives of this VIBE programme are:

1)To scale out the CIAT-VNUA CCAFS climate resilient agriculture (CRA) work to Yen Bai province through commitment of NTM central coordination office and Yen Bai government in taking the work into provincial NTM development plans, serving to consolidate the process for development of CSV-based CRA criteria for national NTM implementation for 2021-2025.

2)To train Irish and Vietnamese researchers on enterprise and entrepreneurship approaches for scaling out climate smart agriculture practices, by developing a business model for biological control of cassava pests as a case study.

3)To train Irish and Vietnamese researchers on future-proofing the climate smart agricultural practice of alternate wetting and drying (AWD) of rice for high yield and high quality rice production.

4)To implement staff and student exchange opportunities between VNUA and NUI Galway for joint research and capacity building in climate resilient agricultural research and innovation through a joint CRA office to be established at Faculty of Land Management (VNUA) and Ryan Institute (NUI Galway) during 2019-2021 and beyond.

5)To strengthen skills and institutional capacity through joint funding and resource leverage for contributing to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) research and innovation priorities for Vietnam and Ireland, in partnership with NTM/MARD, CIAT Vietnam, CCAFS and Irish Aid for sustainability beyond the project lifetime.