If you're an international student, you will need to obtain a visa to study at VNUA. The International Cooperation Office offers support to students who require assistance with visa-related issues.

1.     Entry visa procedures

For international students who are currently in their home country

International students can apply entry visa as soon as they receive electronic confirmation of enrolment from the university. To apply a visa to Vietnam, the student needs to have an approval letter (AL) from the Vietnamese Immigration Department (the AL must be applied by VNUA).

The following documents should be summited to the International Cooperation Office via email: htqt@vnua.edu.vn

1.    A copy of passport.

2.    Acceptance letter issued by VNUA.

3.    A copy of full application documents.

4.    Fee for the AL (25 USD/person)

All required documents should be sent to the ICO at least 3 weeks before the date you plan to enter into Vietnam.

You will submit the AL together with your visa application form  – NA1, original passport, visa fee to apply your entry visa. You can collect your visa at the Vietnamese Embassy in your home country or at the international airports (on arrival visa).

Visa fees

Visa Types


1. Single-Entry with 1-month Validity

USD 25

2. Multi entry visa


with 3-month Validity

USD 50

with 3-6 month Validity

USD 95

with 6 month – 1 year Validity

USD 135

Note: In addition to visa fee, the applicant must pay 10 USD for resident permit.

For international students who are currently living in Vietnam

To apply visa extension, the international students must submit the following documents to the International Cooperation Office:

1.    Original passport

2.    Application form (NA5)

3.    One passport photo.

4.    Visa extension fee (following national regulation on Immigration)

5.    Visa extension processing fee: 25 USD

2. Visa exemption

All required documents should be sent to the ICO at least 2 weeks prior to the expiry date of your current visa.

Citizens from certain countries are exempt from requiring visas to enter Vietnam (see the list of countries). However, before the exemption date has expired, the international students must leave and re-enter Vietnam by student visa requested by VNUA.