Expanding study abroad opportunities as well as promoting internship programs and student exchange with universities and institutes around the world are important directions in the educational internationalization strategy of the Faculty of Tourism and Foreign Languages as well as such as Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA). Within the framework of the cooperation program between VNUA and Hsuan Chuang University, on March 26, 2024, students of the Faculty of Tourism and Foreign Languages, VNUA, had the opportunity to interact and discuss with the delegation of Hsuan Chuang University about study abroad opportunities and scholarship policies for international students being implemented at the university.

Exchange and Connection Program between Faculty of Tourism and Foreign Languages, VNUA and Hsuan Chuang University

Representatives of the delegation from Hsuan Chuang University included Dr. Shao Chi Chien, President, Ms. Tai Shu Zhen, Director of the Office of International Relations; and Dr. Lai Ting Zhang, Head of Admissions Committee.

The representative of the Taiwan Vocational Education Association was Dr. Pham Hoa Hue, Secretary of Taiwan Vocational Education Association, Lecturer at Chungyu University, Taiwan.

Business representatives attending the Program consisted of Ms. Pham Thi Xuan, Director of Vinako Training Institute, and Ms. Ha Thi Ngoc Hoa, Director of Ocean Visa Training Institute.

From VNUA, there were Dr. Vu Van Tuan, Vice Director of the Office of Political Affairs and Student Affairs.

From the Faculty of Tourism and Foreign Languages, VNUA, there were Dr. Nguyen Tat Thang, Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Foreign Languages, Dr. Ho Ngoc Ninh, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Foreign Languages, representatives of the Departments of Professional English, Basic English, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Tourism and Travel Management and more than 120 students attending this program.

Dr. Shao Chi Chien, President of Hsuan Chuang University, speaks at the program

Giving an introduction to Hsuan Chuang University, Dr. Shao Chi Chien, President, shared useful information about the university, as well as reasons why students should choose Taiwan in general and Hsuan Chuang University in particular as a place to continue the journey of fostering knowledge such as:

– Taiwan had a developed economy and a civilized society. In addition, Taiwanese customs, traditions and climate had many similarities with Vietnam. The people were friendly and hospitable, so international students would easily get along and adapt to their new life.

– The Taiwanese government always paid a lot of attention and investment to the country's education. To promote the development of education, many cooperation programs between Vietnam and Taiwan had been promoted, the Taiwanese government was committed to supporting Vietnamese students with expenses and scholarships, etc.

– Hsuan Chuang University as well as Taiwanese education was an ideal environment for international students to study and research. The practice and internship system was equipped with systematic facilities and equipment, especially for the fields of language, tourism management, restaurants, and hotels. The university campuses were spacious, airy, and the dormitories were clean, comfortable, and convenient.

– The cost of living in Taiwan was reasonable. Compared to studying abroad in European countries, Japan, Singapore or Korea, etc., the cost of studying abroad in Taiwan was much lower. In addition, there were preferential scholarships for international students.

– Students could work part-time jobs in restaurants, hotels, amusement parks or as interpreters, etc. This part-time job helped students pay for tuition, living expenses, improve their language, and learn about Taiwanese culture, etc.

– With a systematic, quality training process, after graduation, international students also had the opportunity to find a job with high income and great advancement opportunities.

After sharing about Hsuan Chuang University, the delegation received many questions and concerns from lecturers and students of the Faculty about the university's majors and scholarship programs.

The exchange and connection program ended successfully, opening up many great opportunities for students of the Faculty of Tourism and Foreign Languages in particular and students at VNUA in general.