On November 20th, Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA) solemnly held the 38th anniversary of Vietnamese Teacher’s Day (November 20th) and officially launched the Center for Agricultural Innovation.

Attending to the anniversary were the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Cuong, and Deputy Minister, Mr. Le Quoc Doanh.

Minister Nguyen Xuan Cuong ( the 4th from the left) and Deputy Minister Le Quoc Doanh ( the 5th from the right) present flowers to congratulate Vietnamese teacher’s Day to leaders and former leaders of VNUA

On her opening speech, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Lan, President of VNUA emphasizes that in addition to improving lecturers and administrative staff’s qualification, over the past years, VNUA has actively adjusted and opened new training programs to meet the demands of society, attracting a large number of excellent students.

VNUA has pioneered and breakthrough the mechanisms to foster the development of science and technology such as establishing strong research groups, excellent research groups with its own financial resources.

Especially since 2017, VNUA has established a Technology Incubation Center (now is the Center for Agricultural Innovation) and many enterprises, contributing to the formation of an innovative startup ecosystem of VNUA.

In 2020-2021 school year, VNUA is recruiting and training 48 undergraduate majors, 22 majors for master’s level and 18 doctorate disciplines, including many traditional disciplines holding the pioneering positions such as Veterinary, Biotechnology, Food Technology and so on.

Besides, there are many newly opened industries to promptly meet the needs of high-quality human resources during the 4.0 technology revolution such as Mechatronic Technology, Automotive Engineering Technology, etc.,

In the context of Covid-19 pandemic, the enrollment of universities faced many difficulties. However, VNUA still recruited nearly 5000 full-time students of batch 65 (2020-2021 school year).

Speaking at the anniversary, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Cuong highly appreciates the remarkable development in all aspects of VNUA during 64-year development. This development is reflected in increasingly modern facilities and diversifying in training and association activities. Therefore, VNUA has contributed a great part to the development of agriculture, farmers and rural areas in Vietnam.

Minister Nguyen Xuan Cuong congratulates leaders, lecturers of VNUA in the Vietnamese Teacher’s Day.

According to the Minister, there is no industry that receives special attention from the Party and Government like the agricultural sector. In order to develop the agriculture of Vietnam, knowledge, high quality human resources and science and technology will be the key. VNUA, thereby, plays a very important role of that development.

Minster Cuong presents the Merit of Prime Minister to Mr. Pham Bao Duong, VNUA Vice President and Mr. Nguyen Quang Tu, Vice Director of Training Management

On this occasion, VNUA officially launched the Center for Agricultural Innovation aiming at:

1. Building creative hubs for better cooperation, creation and development, attracting international cooperation and investment;

2. Providing services to promote the transfer and commercialization of agricultural technology, spin-off formation;

3. Developing multidisciplinary and innovative research directions focusing on circulating agriculture, digital transformation in agriculture.

The Center for Agricultural Innovation is creatively designed with open spaces to host technology businesses, world's advanced agricultural knowledge transfer centers, spin-off businesses and start-up businesses. At the same time, the Center of the building will be the showroom and technology exchange to promote technology transfer and commercialization by researchers and businesses.

President Lan and Vice President Pham Van Cuong with the leaders and staff of The Center for Agricultural Innovation