According to education experts, alumni and students, most high school students choose to study at Vietnam National University of Agriculture for the following main reasons.

A prestigious university with great attention and investment from the government

Vietnam National University of Agriculture, formerly known as University of Agriculture and Forestry, was established on October 12, 1956. During 64 years of establishment and development, the University has altered its names many times: Academy of Agriculture and Forestry, the University of Agriculture, University of Agriculture I, Hanoi University of Agriculture and Vietnam National University of Agriculture. The University has been honored with many noble awards from the State.

The University has trained over 100,000 engineers/bachelors, 10,000 masters, and nearly 600 doctors. Many students and graduates of  Vietnam National University of Agriculture have been holding important positions in state agencies, political organizations, socio-political organizations and businesses.

Chất lượng đào tạo hàng đầu tại Việt Nam

An institute with high-quality training in Vietnam

The mission of  Vietnam National University of Agriculture is to train and provide high-quality human resources, research, development and transfer of science, technology, and new knowledge in the field of agriculture and rural development; contribute to the development of agriculture and international integration of the country.

The University is always highly evaluated and ranked by domestic and international organizations as one of the two institutions with the highest quality of higher education accreditation. Two advanced training programs of VNUA has qualified the Southeast Asian quality standards (AUN-QA).

Trường đại học đa ngành

A multidisciplinary university

Vietnam National University of Agriculture is a multidisciplinary  school with 50 standard majors, 5 international high-quality majors. The University specializes in not only agriculture, fisheries, and veterinary sciences but also  business, economics, management, engineering technology and social sciences (See list of majors).

In addition, from 2018, Vietnam National University of Agriculture signed memorandum for cooperation in training and education with Kyung Pook National University (KNU), Chungnam University (CNU). Students enrolling in a joint degree program will be awarded two full-time undergraduate degrees from the VNUA and from KNU or CNU  upon graduation.

The teaching staff is trained abroad and has a lot of teaching experience

Currently, according to the Personnel Office, the University has 1,345 officials and employees, including 683 lecturers, more than 100 professors, associate professors, more than 200 doctors, more than 100 teachers awarded the title “Teacher of the people” or “Merited teacher”. More than 80% of lecturers were trained in developed countries: USA, Japan, Australia, Netherlands, Belgium.

Modern facilities

As a national key school, the University always receives investment from the State and international organizations for facility development. Currently, the University has 167 modern classrooms, 184 laboratories with an area of more than 8000 m2.

The dormitory of the University is spacious, satisfying the needs of nearly 4,000 students, with: stadium, tennis court, gymnasium... In particular, the University is implementing a project to strengthen research and teaching capacity with a budget of 54.2 million dollars from the World Bank; therefore, the facilities of the University will be increasingly modern.

The University always promotes extra-curricular activities and equips students with soft skills such as organizing sports competitions, cultural and artistic programs, contests to learn more about the University...

Many international student exchange/scholarship opportunities

The University fully implements the policy of tuition fee exemption and reduction, social allowances, encouraging scholarships, and establish connection with domestic and foreign enterprises such as Mosanto, Cargill, Viettel, Ca Mau Fertilizer, Vietinbank, Agribank … to award scholarships to talented students and students from poor families. Every year, the University spends nearly VND 30 billion on scholarships for students.

In particular, 1 valedictorian and 5 runner-ups of the University entrance exam have been sent to study abroad with fully-funded scholarships in Japan, Korea, and China.

A wide variety of job opportunities

The University has cooperated with many famous companies and corporations to grant scholarships and prioritize to recruit our students upon graduation. Every year, VNUA creates jobs for nearly 6,000 students. Over 90% of students have jobs within 6 months after graduation.

A wide variety of learning materials

The University has a modern library: 100% computers are connected to the internet; over 30,000 books, more than 100 newspapers and magazines of all kinds, 15 online databases of books and electronic magazines. In addition, our library also connects with university libraries and information centers domestically and abroad to increase learning resources to meet the needs of teaching and learning.