On March 25, 2024, a delegation from Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA), led by Assoc. Prof., Dr. Vu Ngoc Huyen - Vice Chairman of Board of Trustee, VNUA Vice President, Director of the Manpower Supply Center, Chairman of VNUA-IDS Company attended the ceremony organized by the Governor of Miyazaki Prefecture to welcome 13 trainees, the first batch under the cooperation between two parties.

This is a significant event marking the effective cooperation between Vietnam National University of Agriculture and Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan after signing the MOU in October 2022 with the support of the Japan International Cooperation Agency, Japan (JICA) for the project "Consulting on agricultural human resource development for Vietnam National University of Agriculture" for the period 2021 - 2023. The first batch including 13 interns after being trained in Japanese and agricultural expertise taught by JICA experts, officially went to Miyazaki province to work for 3 years. The interns are expected to return to Vietnam to work and start a business in the agricultural field to promote the knowledge and experience accumulated during their time working in Japan.

At the ceremony, the Governor of Miyazaki Province, Mr. Konol Sunjin, highly appreciated the efforts of both sides in implementing the cooperation program with VNUA. He encouraged the interns: "Hopefully, the interns will work well and learn many new things while working in Miyazaki - one of the provinces with a rich culture and a leading agricultural province in Japan.

The Governor of Miyazaki Prefecture, Mr. Konol Shunjin, speaks at the ceremony

Assoc. Prof., Dr. Vu Ngoc Huyen affirmed: “This is an important and meaningful cooperation for our university in general and for Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Lan, VNUA President, a former master and doctoral at Miyazaki University in the period 2002 - 2007 in particular. VNUA highly appreciates the support from Miyazaki Prefecture so that the cooperation program between the two sides has cultivated its first results. Through a field survey to 04 companies receiving 13 interns in Miyazaki Prefecture, we felt very happy because the interns are all happy, in good mood and can work and adapt well with working condition in Japan. With initial success, JICA plans to continue supporting the next phase off VNUA's project for the period 2024-2026. I believe that through this project, it will contribute to effective support for cooperation between Miyazaki Prefecture and the Vietnam National University of Agriculture in the coming time".

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vu Ngoc Huyen addresses at the ceremony

Representing the host companies, Mr. Hiroto Nagatomo noted that: "The interns from VNUA all adapt very quickly, work methodically and skillfully. They are great evidence for our successful cooperation".

An intern representative also shared that: "We feel very lucky to participate in the program organized by Miyazaki Prefecture, JICA and Vietnam National University of Agriculture with very low costs and enthusiastic, considerate support. After 3 years of working, I want to stay and extend my working time to accumulate knowledge and experience. When I return to Vietnam, I will utilize the experience I have accumulated while working at the company to open a farm in my hometown."

Intern Ngo Thi Thu Ha works at a cucumber farm in Miyazaki province, Japan

The initial successful cooperation between Miyazaki province, Japan and VNUA has realized a cooperation model between a province in Japan and a university in Vietnam. The cooperation model is unique and first in Japan. The model has contributed to promoting cooperation between Japan and Vietnam in general, while opening up opportunities for cooperation in developing sustainable agricultural human resources between Vietnam and Japan in particular in the coming time.

Leaders of Miyazaki Prefecture and Vietnam National University of Agriculture in a photo with VNUA - MIYAZAKI Internship batch 01

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