On March 25, 2024, leaders of Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA) had a reception and working session with the Vietnam - Canada Business Association. The meeting opened up opportunities to promote cooperation between the two sides in the fields of: connecting collaborative research activities, training, technology transfer, and supporting farmers to commercialize products.

Overview of the meeting

Pleased to welcome the delegation working at VNUA, Dr. Nguyen Cong Tiep, VNUA’s Vice President, informed that in recent years, VNUA had always actively promoted cooperation with international partners such as universities, research institutes, and international organizations as well as businesses. For Canada, VNUA had had many research collaborations in the fields of agriculture, veterinary medicine, and food technology. Some students received SEED scholarships from the Government of Canada to participate in short-term exchange programs.

Dr. Nguyen Cong Tiep, VNUA’s Vice President, delivers a speech at the meeting

The fact that Canada was one of the countries with developed agriculture helped to open up many potentials for cooperation with VNUA. At the meeting, Dr. Nguyen Cong Tiep expressed his hope that the Vietnam - Canada Businessmen's Association could provide scholarships and opportunities for students, staff and lecturers of the university to study and do research in Canada; connecting collaborative research activities, technology transfer, and sending students to participate in internship and practice programs at businesses in Canada; supporting Canadian experts to come to VNUA to train and exchange experiences for officials, lecturers and students in the fields of strengths of the parties. "We hope that after today's meeting, cooperative activities between VNUA and Canada, as well as with the Vietnam - Canada Business Association, will increasingly expand in an effective and sustainable direction," Dr. Nguyen Cong Tiep, VNUA’s Vice President shared.

Ambassador Nguyen Quang Trung, Former Consul General of Vietnam in Vancouver - Canada speaks at the meeting

At the meeting, Ambassador Nguyen Quang Trung, Former Consul General of Vietnam in Vancouver - Canada, thanked VNUA's leaders for the enthusiastic and thoughtful welcome. The Ambassador also introduced the formation and development of the Vietnam - Canada Business Association as well as cooperation promotion activities between Canada and partners in Vietnam. Ambassador Nguyen Quang Trung hoped that the visit and work at VNUA would open up opportunities for cooperation in a number of areas such as student exchange with universities in Canada; exploration of   opportunities to support students studying and working in Canada, and technology transfer, etc.

Delegates take a photo

The visit and working program of the delegation of the Vietnam - Canada Business Association at VNUA ended successfully in an open and friendly atmosphere. The meeting had important significance, marking the development and opening up opportunities for extensive cooperation between the two sides in the coming time.

At the end of the meeting, the Vietnam - Canada Businessmen Association delegation visited the Center for Research Excellence and Innovation, Vietnam Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Joint Stock Company, VNUA, to learn about the products results of research and technology transfer and innovative start-up activities.


In recent years, VNUA has had a number of cooperation with Canadian partners, specifically:

- National Animal Disease Research Center of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency: Research cooperation in diagnosis and research on African swine fever, classical swine fever, goatpox, blue tongue disease and other livestock diseases.

- University of Saskatchewan: Student exchange, accepting students to participate in the Canadian government's SEED scholarship (free tuition for students), 2 students received full SEED scholarships to study at the University of Saskatchewan.

- Intrinsic Innovations Vietnam Company, Lupine Platform Company, Canada: The two sides signed a cooperation agreement in researching Lupine trees to develop Lupine trees and Lupine tree products in Vietnam, providing scholarships to students worth 15,000 CDA /student doing graduation thesis in Canada.

- Cooperating with the University of Guelph to evaluate the food technology training program within the framework of the project "Food Safety for Development" funded by the Canadian Government to support improving the quality of human resources for Vietnam on food safety through piloting the development of a university-level training program on food safety.