Project Title




Project leader

Adoption and application of theAmerican satellite imaging technology in assessing and forecasting maize production to improve maize production management in Vietnam




Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyễn Việt Long, Faculty of Agronomy

Overall objective: To receive and apply the satellite imaging technology from Kansas State University in the United States used to assess the production and predict maize yieldin order to improve maize yield and production management in Vietnam

Specific objectives

1)Build a map of current and maize seasonal distribution and areas of production using the satellite data technology in Vietnam for two main maize production province e.g. Dak Lak and Son La;

2)Develop a maize yield forecasting tool for Vietnam using satellite data;

3)Develop maize production management practices suitable for the production conditions of each region;

4)Propose the application of satellite imaging technology in planning, restructuring maize production area and suggestion of replication on other kinds of crops;

5)Master satellite imaging technology to evaluate the current status of maize production and forecast its yield.