Project Title




Project leader

Enhancing capacity in science and technology and human resources training to contribute to the National Agricultural Restructuring and New Rural Development

Under “Support for autonomous higher education project” (SAHEP)

The World Bank



Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Lan – VNUA president


(1)To enhance the capacity of research and technological innovation and policy advisory in agriculture, to successfully serve national agricultural restructuring;

(2)To improve capacity to produce high quality human resources for the agricultural sector in Vietnam and the region as well;

(3)to improve university institutional management for better performance of autonomy;

(4)and to improve facilities and infrastructure for research, training and university management

Main activities:

The project carries a number of activities to improve research, teaching and institutional management capacity at VNUA through,inter alia:(a) construction of new building(s) and surrounding infrastructures within the existing campus to improve the teaching and research environment; (b) upgrading equipment for teaching, research and institutional management; (c) provision of support to enhance teaching, research and institutional management capacities; (d) provision of support for training program accreditation activities to regional or international standards; (e) formation of research groups, peer reviewers and research week; (g) provision of research grants, student financial support and development of joint research programs; and (h) provision of project management support