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Understanding conflict and cooperation in local water governance-a collaborative and comparative research program

International Research Institute of Denmark



Trần Đức Viên
ĐT: 04 62617715


The proposed research program aims to contribute to sustainable local water governance in support of the rural poor and otherwise disadvantaged groups in developing countries by improving the knowledge among researchers and practitioners of the nature, extent and intensity of local water conflict and cooperation and their social, economic and political impacts, and how this may change with increased competition for water.


1)Quantitative inventories and qualitative case studies of the origin, nature, extent and intensity of local water conflicts and cooperation in seven countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and of their social, economic and political impacts.

2)Cross-cutting analysis and synthesis of findings from national studies, including typologies of water conflicts and cooperation and contributions to the theoretical understanding of the impact of economic and political inequality on the nature and outcomes of water-related conflict and cooperation.

3)Recommendations for ongoing water policy, legal and administrative reform developed and disseminated to national decision-makers, practitioners, researchers and relevant Danida sector support and Danida support provided through multilateral organizations.

4)Enhanced capacity and experience in the partner institutions within poverty-oriented analysis of water conflicts and cooperation.