Chuyên gia giảng dạy và các học viên tham gia khóa tập huấn

Trainers and trainees

The course was offered by experts from HAS University of Applied Sciences, Lentiz Education Group, and Fresh Studio with the participation of trainees from VNUA i.e Faculty of Agronomy, Faculty of Accounting and Business Management, Ha Tay Community College, and Institute of Fruits and Vegetables.

Group discussion guided by experienced trainers

This didactic track focused on education & business partnerships, curriculum development and training & teaching methodologies scheduled into three sessions: Connect with the labour market (World of Work): labour market research; Strategic partnerships: curriculum development; and Operational partnerships: curriculum implementation

Các học viên tích cực tham gia thảo luận nhóm

Trainees work together

Trình bày kết quả thảo luận

And present discussion results

The combination between theories and practices enables trainees quickly capture knowledge and build up skills in teaching and research. All trainees actively participated in the track and highly evaluate outcomes that the track has brought to them.

The OKP will build on the long-term partnerships between 4 Dutch consortium members and one Vietnamese, and Fresh Academy as a partner. It will concentrate on enhancing performance of selected vegetable and fruit value chains in Northern Vietnam with gender, youth and minority focus: 1)enhance capacity of next generation wishing to work in horticulture and fruit production in any part of the value chain so that they can meet labour market requirements; and 2) enhance capacity of stakeholders already working in horticulture so that they can improve their performance at individual, organizational and institutional levels and drive change to become more market-oriented at each step of the value chain.