In nature, Microalgae come in a variety of species (variants). They are grown in photoautotrophic water bodies, absorbing sunlight and mineral salt to prosper. Microalgae are rich in protein; typically, the protein content in Spirulina is 60-70% with a broad spectrum of amino acids. Microalgae are rich in unsaturated fatty acids (omega 3, 6, 9), pigments (chlorophyll, phycocyanin and carotenoid group), antioxidants and trace elements such as zinc, iron, magnesium, calcium. Therefore, spirulina and other algae species such as Chlorella, Dunaliella salina, Haematococcus are perfect food supplements that help balance hormones, boost the immunity system, support anti-aging and reduce the risk of cancer. Microalgae is recognized by the World Health Organization as the superfood for mankind.

Currently and in the future, microalgae will be an important source of nutrients for human beings, in animal farming and aquaculture. Health protection products are supplements to the daily diet to maintain, enhance, and improve the functions of the human body and reduce the risk of diseases. In this group, products derived from microalgae are especially valuable for protecting and helping the body to maintain health and endurance, support anti-oxidation, balance hormones, beautify the skin, and boost the immune system.

Following the above orientation, Vietnam National University of Agriculture has carried out many research projects on microalgae including a key project supported by the university own source, a project under the support of Hanoi City Department of Science and Technology, a project under the support of the FIRST project, Worldbank to promote the research on application of microalgae biotechnology to select and create suitable sources of algae for production on an industrial scale. We also focus developing and applying these advanced technologies to exploit and maximize the potentials of sythesizing biologically active natural compounds and nutrient-rich biomass sources from microalgae to develop health protection products; extracting biologically active natural compounds from microalgae to research and create cosmetic products for skincare and skin protection.

So far, the University has cooperated with pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies that meet GMP and cGMP standards such as STP International Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, VINPHARMA Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Group Joint Stock Company (Vinpharma Group), International Pharmaceutical and Technology Joint Stock Company (ITP Pharma), VIMAC Cosmetics Joint Stock Company, Mediworld Co., Ltd. to research, develop and distribute products from microalgae, including: spirulina products with 100% pure spirulina: help improve the digestive health, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, balance blood lipids, regulate hormones, prevents anemia, regulate blood sugar, enhance the durability of the body, prevent cancer and support effective cancer treatment. Examples are dried spirulina products, skin whitening pills from spirulina, weight loss macrobiotic products namely Apiluna Slim.


Các sản phẩm từ tảo xoắn Spirulina nguyên chất 

Products from pure spirulina spirulina

(Fresh spirulina, capsule spirulina, algae fiber and dried algae powder)


Dried spirulina: ensure a light and balanced meal, suitable for those who are on a diet, vegetarians and under special working conditions. Dried spirulina products are suitable for young children, especially for children who lose their appitite or suffer from constipation.




Whitening tablets from spirulina and medicinal herbs: nourish the body, support antioxidation, protect from UV rays and inhibit tyrosinase enzyme activity to prevent the synthesis of melanin pigment under the skin. Overall, this product helps maintaining a healthy physical condition and glowing skin.



Eye tonics that support antioxidation and reduce dry eyes, shortsightedness and farsightedness are suitable for children and the elderly, especially those who frequently use computers.




Apiluna Slim weight loss macrobiotic product contains spirulina, celery, lotus leaf extract, cordyceps, mulberry leaf extract, cod collagen and cereal sources to help prevent oxidation, enhance metabolism of bad lipid, increase fat metabolism and support weight loss, suitable to be snacks for the office workers or takeaway food for business trips.




Currently, the University is researching and will release face cream and skin care products with ingredients extracted from spirulina, Chlorella, Haematococcus pluvialis, Dunaliella salina and diatoms rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals which helps renew and rejuvenate the skin.