Vietnam National University of Agriculture improves its output standards by encouraging a passion for scientific research and organizing job fairs for students.

 Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Lan, Director of the Vietnam National University of Agriculture, visiting Invet Company's production line and factory for veterinary and aquatic medicine.


Inspiring students

One morning in the middle of May in 2022, Trung Hieu went to work earlier than usual. Formerly an Alumnus of Vietnam Academy of Agriculture, now an employee of Invet Group Joint Stock Company - a business specializing in veterinary drugs, he was assigned the task of guiding delegates on a trip around the recently inaugurated GMP-WHO veterinary - aquatic medicine factory.

With one hand shifting through documents, while the other constantly reviewing the diagram of the factory, machinery and equipment in preparation for the presentation, Hieu said: "I have been taught these skills since I was still in the lecture hall. Job are very demanding nowadays, requiring not only strong professional expertise, but also communication as well as many other aspects".

Born and raised in Trang Dinh district, Lang Son, the fresh graduate did not choose to stick with the local endemic tree (black jelly), and instead turned to a completely new path. Hieu loved dogs and cats since his childhood so he was determined to pass the entrance exam to the Vietnam National University of Agriculture and chose to major in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in pursuit of his passion.

It is a 200km journey from Lang Son to Hanoi, full of changes, cultural conflict, communication. As an introvert, Hieu encountered certain difficulties during his first year at the University. He studied at lecture halls in the morning, went to the laboratory in the afternoon, studied on his own late at night. The 9x student was timid when working in groups during scientific research activities.

 Veterinary Biotechnology Key Laboratory of Vietnam National University of Agriculture


Hieu's capstone came after he was inspired by Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Lan, Director of Vietnam National University of Agriculture with her opening speech for second year students. A long time has passed but the student from Lang Son cannot forget the maxim "Scientific research is the vitality of the university".

"Prof. Lan's words woke me up and helped me realize how lucky I was to be surrounded by a scientific research environment with modern facilities. After that day, I encouraged myself to fight on. Take your time, jump at every opportunity to research what I want", Hieu recalled.

In addition to the change in awareness, this alumni of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine actively participated in volunteer activities for the community. Thanks to practical sessions as well as discussion with farmers, Hieu has gained new knowledge and skills, expanded his relationships and made him more confident in communication.

Hieu is just one among thousands of students at Vietnam National University of Agriculture motivated by the university's passion for science. With the aim to create products with high practical application including rapid diagnostic kit for Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) or blue ear disease in pigs, veterinary students are confident with open job opportunities. They can work at a state management agency, a technician at a company, an employee at a wildlife reserve, a lecturer at a university, own a business, or simply open a veterinary clinic for expert advice at home.

Mr. Nguyen Van Nam, Chairman of Invet Group Joint Stock Company praised the high-quality human resources from the Vietnam National University of Agriculture. As an alumnus, Mr. Nam is committed to having preferential recruitment policies for graduates with excellent degrees from the University.

"Invet Company has just inaugurated a veterinary - aquatic medicine factory in Van Lam district, Hung Yen. With the goal being self-sufficient in vaccine sources in the country, Invet is researching to expand large-scale projects and human resources are urgently needed in the fields of animal husbandry, veterinary and aquatic medicine", shared Mr. Nam.


 Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Lan (second from right) directly guides and often suggests, inspires scientific research for students.


Job introduction through corporate channel

A salary of over 10 million VND/month after graduation like Trung Hieu is not uncommon at Vietnam National University of Agriculture. One of the universities' secrets is to work closely with companies, businesses, and employers to organize annual job fairs.

According to the Universities' Department of Political and Student Affairs, the Academy attracted 58 businesses to recruit 2,500 students and 5 businesses to recruit unlimitedly in 2018. This figure increased to 70 businesses in 2019, with 3,821 targets, and 3 businesses with unlimited recruitment. 58 businesses recruited 2,500 targets and 2 businesses recruited unlimitedly in 2020.

Despite the complicated development of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021, the University still organized a job fair online. Giang Trung Khoa, Head of the Department of Political and Student Affairs, said that the job fair is an opportunity for students to connect with potential employers as well as an opportunity for self-oriented studying and training to find a suitable job after graduation.

"The job fair is also an opportunity for the University to receive suggestions from businesses to improve the quality of training; Moreover, it is an opportunity for the University to strengthen the cooperation relationship domestically and abroad", Mr. Khoa said.

Scientific research activities are loved by students of the Vietnam National University of Agriculture.

Scientific research activities are loved by students of the Vietnam National University of Agriculture.

Similar to other units in the agricultural sector, Vietnam National University of Agriculture has a good "production" tradition. However, with the current market mechanism and the era of international economic integration, the University has to take on "marketing" and market survey, so that graduates will not be surprised, and they can start their jobs immediately.

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Lan shared: "Every time I meet my former students, or hear that they have achieved successes in work and career, I am very happy for them. That's why I always encourage students to conduct scientific research, because that's a way to familiarize themselves with their future jobs".


Prof. Dr. Pham Van Cuong, Deputy Director of Vietnam National University of Agriculture, said that the school has spacious, modern facilities located on an area of about 200 hectares. Currently, the University has 8 lecture halls, 167 classrooms equipped with computers, projectors, etc., 184 laboratories with an area of 8,000m2. The dormitory area is capable of meeting the needs of nearly 4,000 students.The University has signed cooperation agreements with more than 100 organizations and businesses, contributing to helping the University achieve 90% of graduates finding employment.

According to Mr. Cuong, the demand for human resources for the agricultural sector is high. He pointed out 3 reasons. Firstly, Vietnam is an agricultural country, with 60% of the population working as farmers. Secondly, agricultural, forestry and fishery product exports have increased steadily over the years, reaching a record of 48.6 billion USD in 2021. Thirdly, the development trend of green agriculture, ecological agriculture, and circular agriculture is expanding on a global scale.

With the aim to help students access knowledge and expertise quickly, as well as improve their skills, the Vietnam National University of Agriculture has cooperated with many high schools in Hanoi to organize career orientation in combination with experimental training models as well as promote entrepreneurial and creative ideas for students. During the 2022 Lunar New Year, the University awarded 30 scholarships to high school students.


Authors: Bao Thang - Duc Minh

Translated by Nguyen Hai Long