Within the framework of the visit and working of the delegation from the Department of Food Science, College of Engineering and Food Science, Central Bicol State University of Agriculture, Philippines, the research group “Processing and preserving products of animal origin” organized a seminar with the presentation of invited Philippines experts with the topic "Research on local commodity products".

The seminar attendances included seven lecturers from the Department of Food Science, Philippines, research group members, all lecturers, researchers and technicians of the Faculty of Food Science and Technology, Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA), graduate students and interested members. Accompanying the seminar activity, a representative of Yakult company presented the topic "Yakult and health" along with products and souvenirs to the participants.

 The delegation of Central Bicol State University of Agriculture participate in the seminar

Assoc. Prof. Rocelyne M. Imperial gave a presentation on the characteristics of breadfruit, including its chemical composition, nutritional value, economic value and applications in the food industry. Many food products are developed from breadfruits such as starch, candy, cakes, baking powders, jams, fruit milk, and chips. The process has been developed, and completed to specific specifications, to be ready for commercialization. In terms of ripeness, after 4-6 months from fruiting, the fruits can be harvested to avoid the resin and bitter taste. Using seedless breadfruit varieties is more convenient for the processing process. This fruit can participate in nutrition and food security programs.

Dr. Anna Mae S. Gavarra presented about the pigeon pea, its advantages and applications. Starch and highly digestible protein are the most interesting components in the raw pigeon pea. The plant can grow in nutrient-poor, arid conditions. The stems can be used as fuel or to prevent soil erosion. Many products from peas have been developed by the Department of Food Science, Bicol Central Agricultural University, such as wine, tea, nut milk, whole grain drinks, pandesal, cookies, hopia, noodles, kropeck, tempeh, fermented or unfermented nutritional powder, bean sprouts, and tofu.

Assoc. Prof. Julieta M. Casaul presented the research and development of coconut water pasteurization techniques and the formation of various products from coconut water. After being pasteurized, coconut water was combined in different proportions with vegetable juices such as carrots, cucumbers, watermelons, strawberries, and pineapples, etc. to make nutritious drinks with various colors and flavors. The product has a shelf life of 45 days with the usage of preservative, sodium benzoate, in plastic packaging. Without preservatives, the shelf life of the product is only 12 days. In the future, Tetrapack packaging applications need to be concerned. This study was applied at both small and medium scales. The product has been granted intellectual property rights and patents.

The taro project was also introduced. The taro leaves were added to coconut milk. Products from tubers and leaves received another fund from the Bicol region in the period of 2023-2025.

After four research topics on local products of the Philippines, the representative of the research and communication team of Yakult company introduced the role of L. paracasei Shirota bacteria in Yakult yogurt to human health, especially the ability to survive and function in the gastrointestinal tract.

Experts present many interesting research topics

The seminar participants showed immense interest in the presentations and enthusiastically discussed about the products and technologies of these studies.

The representative of the research group appreciated the delegation and the speakers. The results of the seminar have brought many research ideas to the attendees and there will be deeper cooperation in training and scientific research in food science and technology between Central Bicol State University of Agriculture and Vietnam National University of Agriculture.

 Representatives of the research group appreciate the speakers and the delegation
Commemorative photo of all members attending the scientific seminar