On May 8th, 2024, Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA) received a delegation of faculty and students from South Dakota State University, USA, led by Professor Bob Thaler - Dean of the Animal Science Department. Attending the reception were representatives from the International Cooperation Office, leaders of the Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine Faculties, representatives from the University's Student Association, along with approximately 30 students from various faculties.

A delegation of faculty and nearly 30 students from South Dakota State University, USA visits Vietnam National University of Agriculture.

This is the second time Vietnam National University of Agriculture and South Dakota State University have organized student exchanges between the two universities. Professor Vu Dinh Ton, Director of the Interdisciplinary Rural Development Research Center and lecturer at the Animal Science Faculty, who has closely collaborated with Professor Bob Thaler since his working at VNUA under the Fulbright Scholar Program in 2017, on behalf of VNUA welcomed the delegation. Professor Vu Dinh Ton expressed his delight in welcoming nearly 30 students from various fields of study at South Dakota State University to VNUA. He expressed his hope that the two universities would continue maintaining close cooperative relations, creating numerous opportunities for faculty and students to exchange and learn from each other. This will serve as the foundation for both institutions to build sustainable and long-lasting cooperative programs.

Professor Bob Thaler extends his heartfelt gratitude to the university for the warm and thoughtful reception, showing genuine interest in promoting cooperation between the two universities. He also looks forward to the opportunity to welcome VNUA's faculty and students to South Dakota State University, aspiring to deepen their collaborative ties through a variety of exchange programs, joint research projects, etc.

Prof. Dr. Vu Dinh Ton delivers a welcome speech to the South Dakota State University Delegation

Prof. Bob Thaler expresses his delight in escorting students to VNUA for this second occasion

At the event, students from both sides were afforded ample chances to delve into information about their respective institutions, Vietnamese and American cultures, and captivating highly interactive games. The warm and appealing atmosphere filled by VNUA students’ dynamism and hospitality constructed connections and eliminate cultural barriers and overcome early awkwardness in their first encounters with the students from South Dakota State University.

Students enjoy fun when playing games together

Answering Quizzes to learn about Vietnamese culture

"Who's Faster" game

Friendship beyond borders!

Sharing typical Vietnamese gifts

Officials and students of the two universities express their determination to maintain a close cooperative relationship

South Dakota State University students were graciously guided by their counterparts from the university on an enriching tour of various highlights on campus. They explored iconic spots like the bustling Student Square and the 04 lakes area. They also visited the Center for Research Excellence and Innovation to learn about research activities in some laboratories.

Visit the 4 lakes area

At Student Square

At VNUA's Central Building

The delegation visit the Center for Research Excellence and Innovation.

The student exchange event between Vietnam National University of Agriculture and South Dakota State University promises to be a vital link, fostering dreams of educational pursuits, cultural exchange, and learning among international peers. Certainly, such global networking opportunities will open up exciting prospects for the VNUA's students!


Written by: International Cooperation Office

Photo: PRC- SS