Awarding Master’s degrees to 50 new Masters

On the morning of October 21, 2022, at Hall C in the Administration Building, Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA) held the Closing Ceremony and awarded the Master's degrees for the master students of the 28th course, 2nd batch of 2022, marking a new journey for the new Masters who successfully completed their master course with excellent achievements.


Prof. Dr. Pham Van Cuong, VNUA’s Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President, delivers a congratulatory speech to the new Masters

Speaking at the ceremony, Prof. Dr. Pham Van Cuong, VNUA’s Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, and Vice President, congratulated the new Masters who completed the arduous and challenging journey to achieve today's success. Appreciating the efforts of the graduate students in the process of studying and researching at VNUA, Prof. Dr. Pham Van Cuong hoped that the new Masters would make good use of their obtained knowledge and skills to serve their own work and contribute to the construction and development of the country.

Prof. Dr. Pham Van Cuong affirmed that the success of the new Masters was the pride of the university, contributing to affirming the prestige and brand of the Vietnam National University of Agriculture in the mission of training high-quality human resources and contributing to the overall development of the society.


Tran Manh Cuong, New Master in Land Management, speaks at the ceremony

In the feeling of joy, on behalf of 50 new Masters, MSc. Tran Manh Cuong, Master in Land Management, expressed that, after a period of study and research, each student was equipped with solid knowledge to meet the increasing requirements of the job. On behalf of the new masters, MSc. Tran Manh Cuong promised that no matter which position he was in, he would put all of his heart and mind into flexibly and creatively applying the knowledge gained from the study into practice, following the example of the previous generations, living and working a life that is worthy of the VNUA's 66 years of establishment and development.


Prof. Dr. Pham Van Cuong, VNUA’s Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President, and leaders of the Office of Training Management and faculties awards degrees to the new Masters

To obtain the prestigious and noble Master's degree today, it was the great effort of the students, the crystallization of a lot of efforts and intellectual labor, in which there were the great contributions of the students, of their teachers as well as their family, colleagues and friends. In a solemn and proud atmosphere, each new Masters stepped up to the podium to receive their master degree, marking a proud new milestone in the development journey of each of them.


22 Master’s Degree Programs: Meeting the human resource needs of the 4.0 era

With a tradition of 66 years of establishment and development, VNUA is proud to be a prestigious address for quality in master's degree training. The university has trained more than 13,000 masters for the country, this human resources has been making great contributions to the process of innovation and socio-economic development of the country, making an important contribution to improving the position and prestige of the university.


Perfecting knowledge at the master's level - The choice of many working graduate students who want to improve their promotion opportunities

Along with the advantage of a teaching staff including leading scientists, professors, associate professors, doctors, and experts and a wide network of research cooperation and technology transfer with localities and businesses, universities, and domestic and foreign organizations, the master's degree programs at VNUA give graduate students the opportunity to enhance their professional capacity and to develop strategic thinking in line with the human resource trend of the modern economy. The programs also brought about a favorable environment for graduate students to expand their relationships and improve their opportunities for self-development.

Currently, VNUA is recruiting new graduate students for the 3rd batch of master's training in 2022 with 22 majors, application opens from September 15, 2022. Candidates apply for the entrance examination based on university transcripts (no entrance exam) and need foreign language ability from Level 3 or higher according to the 6-level Foreign Language Competency Framework for Vietnam. Please view the enrollment notice for master's degree training in 2022 at: Click here.

For more information, please contact: MSc. Vu Thi Khanh Toan, Office of Training Management, Vietnam National University of Agriculture, Trau Quy town, Gia Lam district, Hanoi (Room 121, Administration Building). Tel/Zalo: +84 977-311-338 / +8424-6261-7520, Email: