In these days, in Hanoi capital, the XIII National Congress of the Communist Party (the XIII NCCP) is taking place. Together with all people nationwide, VNUA’s cadres, party members and students wholeheartedly look towards to the Congress.

The official opening session of the XIII NCCP was held on January 26, 2021. This is a particularly important political event of the country. In a jubilant atmosphere, together with compatriots and soldiers in all parts of the country, including oversea Vietnamese, thousands of VNUA staff wholeheartedly looks towards the Congress with beliefs and expectations about the right directions and decisions by the new leadership, creating a breakthrough for the country's development in the next 5-year term.


The XIII NCCP is conducted under the motto: Solidarity - Democracy - Discipline - Creativity - Development. The Congress took place in the context that our country has been overcoming the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic, achieving positive and encouraging achievements in all fields, especially in the socio-economic fields, national defense, security, foreign affairs, international integration. These amazing results are subjected to the wise leadership of the party, the decisive in the direction and implementation of the Government and grass-root authorities, the participation of the whole political system and the solidarity and unanimity of the entire people. On the momentum of that victory, Vietnam is likely to continue to carry out epidemic prevention and control, while maintaining economic stability and development.

The university campus is lined with flags and posters to welcome the XIII NCCP

Prof. Nguyen Thi Lan, VNUA president and secretary of the University Communist Party Committee

is honored to be an official delegate to attend the XIII NCCP

Attending the XIII NCCP are 1,587 delegates representing more than 5.2 million members across the country. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Lan, president of VNUA, is honored to be an official delegate to attend the XIII NCCP among 800 party members of the university. She will bring the thoughts and aspirations of all university party members, teachers, scientists and students. In their pride, they all hope that the Congress will be successful with the expectation of orientations and decisions, opening a new stage of development of the country, including agriculture and national education.